Outdoor kitchens may be the best way to enjoy summers in your backyard.

An outdoor kitchen can really mean a lot of things. For instance, it could be just a fire pit with a grill rack over it or a stand alone grill on a patio or deck with a small table or mini-fridge beside it. It could also be a table you made out of salvaged wood with a cut out for a grill and smoker. How about a covered patio with a pergola or even a regular roof with full on chairs and table, granite countertops, shelves, a cooler, a bar. There are so many things you could do with the outdoor kitchen concept.

An outdoor kitchen gives you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors more thoroughly. No more going in and out of the house to keep an eye on dinner, do plate-ups, or bring the food and condiments out to the deck. Having everything you need outside allows you to keep an eye on the kids in the pool or playing in the yard. You’d never have to step away from that beer, conversation, or great weather to be isolated in the kitchen.

From a basic to elaborate, here’s everything you should consider having for your outdoor kitchen.

Setting up your outdoor kitchen:

When designing an outdoor kitchen, you want to consider your usage. Grilling once a week? Or every other day? When you barbecue how may tools do you need? Do you cook a full on meal or just roast some brats? Growing up, it was common to wrap salmon with potatoes and butter in foil and just drop it onto a rack over a fire pit. Is that your style too? Or are you a master griller? It really depends on your taste for cooking, and how much you want to do of it. If you’re someone who just likes to drop food in a fire and let it sit then a fire pit may be all you need. Full family meals are different though.

You can do everything from a grill with a basic side table to a fully designed and customized kitchen like the one below. Make sure you have everything that you need. A place for your family to sit, such as under a pergola. A pizza oven, fireplace, or fire pit for those s’more or pizza nights (the one below is magical). Add coolers for drinks, food, maybe an ice maker. Don’t forget drawer for all the tools and bottle openers. Add a smoker, a regular grill top (you can see the boiler on the left- good for lobster or corn).

Of course, you need surface area. It has to be one that will stand up to the harshness of being in the sun and snow year-round. Concrete, tile, or granite countertops are the best choices for outdoor kitchens because they can withstand the elements. Don’t forget lighting either, this is something a lot of people neglect in their plans.

outdoor kitchen


Tuck Away

You may want to consider something like the kitchen below. It is simple and easy to tuck away. In fact, you could place a large sliding or folding door, or perhaps a garage door over this kitchen. This would allow safe coverage for the kitchen during winter or rain, or from kids, neighbors, thieves… The outdoor kitchen could even be smaller, tucked into an outdoor closet with doors or a shed or tiki bar that can be closed up for protection.

outdoor kitchen

No matter what you plan for your outdoor kitchen, make sure that it suits your needs, and your style.

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Your Home Needs An Outdoor Kitchen Too