Benefits of Shopping at a Wholesale Countertop Store

Today’s natural stone industry can be full of confusing processes that can make your home project go from enjoyable to a hassle within seconds.

No shopping process should be riddled with ambiguity, even though the industry standard appears to be heading in that direction. We are changing that.

Granite Liquidators strives to deliver high quality and transparent information regarding pricing ad each step in the buying process. We operate as a wholesale countertop store, directly importing high quality stones from quarries all over the globe like Brazil and India. By operating as true wholesale, this allows us to do a few things to benefit the customer:

1. Save you money by cutting out the middle man.

  • Less stops the slab has to make from the quarry to your home, means less money out of pocket.

2. No double mark ups.

  • Hiring a fabricator to select your slabs puts you at risk of a “double markup”. This means that the fabricator won’t just quote you on labor, but materials as well. By purchasing your materials through us, you’ll only receive a labor quote from your fabricator.

3. More slab means more potential.

  • If you only have a small section that needs to be completed and won’t need an entire slab, this can present the opportunity to install granite in other places you might not have originally thought of. Maybe one of your bathrooms could use a new countertop? Maybe you want to add another, free standing island to your kitchen once you have your countertops completed. Or maybe even adding an overflow/waterfall wall to the sides of your counters. Having extra granite is never a bad thing.

4. Better Options.

  • By shopping at our countertop store, you’ll have access to one of the widest ranges of stone products in the state. Not just limited to granite, we also stock quartzite and marble, giving the customer even more options and variety in terms of style and functionality. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it.


Regardless of what you’re shopping for, nobody likes to deal with a confusion. We are seeing that box stores can be notorious for doing this. Not being transparent with pricing or quotes is truly detrimental to the shopper, putting them in a skeptical position and wondering if there are better options out there.

We want to change the industry standard. We are putting the customer in an even more powerful and advantageous position for their project by allowing them to be completely informed about their costs and access to materials.


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