What is worse, getting out of bed on a cold winter morning, or stepping out of the shower on a cold winter morning? Either way, neither of them are anyone’s favorite. Good news is that we can solve the cold feet on tile, cold air, and sterile style problems of any bathroom.

Here are a few upgrades that can be made, both big and small, in order to warm up your bathroom visually and literally:

Add rugs

Warm wood finishes

A place to sit

Stone walls

Stone walls


Fireplace- nothing keeps a space warm like the coziness of a fireplace.

Lots of natural light- if you have windows in your bathroom, emphasize them. If you are renovating, consider putting one in, if you don’t already have one.

Warm color palette- colors like cream, sandstone, off-white. Soft and natural looking colors are some of the best for warming a space.

bathroom fireplace


Steam shower

Radiant heat floor- again, if you are renovating, this may be your best investment ever.

Portable electric radiant floor heat- if you aren’t renovating, this is your next best thing. A floor mat with radiant heat that you can place under a rug.

Radiant heat floor


Heated toilet seat- if you really want to go luxury.

Plush towels- Turkish cotton towels are considered some of the most luxurious you can buy, and believe it or not, they are relatively inexpensive. Really about the same cost as most other towels- you can find hundreds of them on Etsy.

Tub with heated liner- ok so if you really love baths, and you have regularly sore muscles, this may be your favorite thing in your home.

Heat lamps- if you want to heat a particular area in a short amount of time this is the way to go, and a lot less expensive than traditional heating.

Hanging towel rack- these used to be reserved for luxury hotels and first class homes. But the demand has risen and the cost has been driven down. They are now more affordable than ever.

Towel warming drawer- who doesn’t want warm towels?

Towel warming drawer

There are other ways to warm your bathroom this winter. But these are some of the most popular changes that can be made, and so rewarding they are.