There’s just something to love about a bohemian bathroom.

There are plenty of reasons to love a bohemian bathroom, mostly because they tend to carry a lot of personality. There’s no doubt that the decor and design of bohemian bathrooms could never be called boring. They tie in textures, plants, pops of color and unique decor and often antique furniture. Yes, truly, the character is what pulls people in.

So how do you turn your plain old bathroom into a bohemian bathroom?

Well, there are several ways in fact. Simple things can be done like adding plants, rugs, art, vintage bottles, and candles. Put in an antique vanity that has a unique or unusual design. This is what general makes up any bohemian space, not just a bathroom. It’s the personality, and the decision to choose items that are off-beat, colorful, and different. You may even include items from travel experiences, like hand-painted bowls or paintings. Some people have even gone so far as to import larger items like cabinets, tables, or drawers that they turn into bathroom vanities. Sometimes upgrading the piece by adding granite or marble. We’ve even seen some bring home bowls from countries like Morocco or Turkey and use them as the sink in their bathroom or kitchen.

The point is that a lot of things can be done to add that bohemian flair to your bathroom space. Here are a few things to inspire you:



Simple Decor

Some people confuse bohemian with gypsy. There is a difference when it comes to design and decor. Bohemian is sometimes very simplistic, instead drawing the eyes with plants and tapestries, and creating a soothing atmosphere with candles. The claw foot tub and the well-worn plank floors truly add much of the bohemian feel. And although it would be an interesting bathroom without the decor, those items are truly what make this a bohemian bathroom.

bohemian bathroom

Plants & Wood

You’ll probably notice a theme… adding plants helps to add to the idea of a bohemian bathroom. Another theme is wood. Notice the wood shelving, and wooden mirror frames. Mirrors help to add more natural light to the space, which is another very bohemian thing to do. Adding more natural elements will give the space more life, and that’s exactly what you want (it’s a positive energy thing).

bohemian bathroom


Pick lacy drapes and shower curtains, display soft towels, and yes, always choose a rug. Imagine this bathroom without those and the other knickknacks placed in the room. It becomes a plain bathroom.

bohemian bathroom


Take It All The Way

You can add more permanent features like marble and a Moroccan bowl transformed into a gorgeous sink, as mentioned earlier. This is a very direct way to add that bohemian style to your bathroom, and it is beautiful.


bohemian bathroom



Green, blue, and purple are the most common colors when it comes to bohemian designs. But most of the time you’ll see that bohemian bathrooms tend to stick to green. Likely the room will be white with a lot of plants and/ or some green tiling. Why not, they compliment each other so well don’t they. Green is an earthy color, and such is why it is so popular in bohemian designs. If you stick to an earthy palette, you are said to feel more rejuvenated, and connected to your surroundings.

bohemian bathroom


Taking all of this into account, you will realize that creating a bohemian bathroom is more about designing a space that has the same life as the plants placed in it. It’s about creating a flow, and personality, and it requires a lot less than you may think.

Add those plants, bring in wood shelving, mirrors, knickknacks, and hand decorated bowls. If you want to add more permanent features consider adding a claw foot tub, and/or turn your a bowl into a sink and surround it with marble. Turn a cabinet or table into a vanity. You can do so much with so little, you just have to see the possibilities.

If you have a unique cabinet that you want to turn into a vanity by adding granite or marble, visit our website Granite Liquidators, or give us a call at: 303-647-4195. We can also help you turn that bowl into a sink. Reach out to us to find out how. We’d love to help you achieve your bohemian bathroom in any way possible.