Think all kitchen cabinets need to be neutral, soft, or just plain white with accents? Your kitchen deserves more, and so do you.


Most people love color, but few choose to go so bold in their kitchen. But there is a reason why bold colors for kitchen cabinets , Walls, and countertops (granite has a lot of color) are becoming popular. That’s where most of the color is appearing in recent years, on the cabinets.

But even then, people are choosing softer colors, or more neutral colors such as light grey or blue, or black. We’ve seen a few bold color choices like magenta, lime green, red, and yellow, but we find that those colors aren’t exactly popular among the majority. There’s a reason we like the softer colors. So, the pictures below are of homes that chose to go bold, while still maintaining an elegance. You may realize that those bold colors generally run in hues of green or blue, but that’s why we chose them. They are impactful and stimulating, and they teach us a great lesson about how to use color tastefully, and in a way that won’t overwhelm you.

Dark Green

Somehow this kitchen has an old world feel to it, maybe it is the art and the brass fixtures, or maybe it is the color. It has an elegance to it, as if the color was chosen because it is one of royalty. Maybe it is the marble? The combination of all of these features give the space a real class. The color stands out, but is softened by the marble countertops and backsplash as well as the art. This… is how you go green!

Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets

Moroccan Blue

Such a beautiful color, really. and the particular hue isn’t commonly found on kitchen cabinets. They’ve chosen an almost cherry color for their countertops, and the arch windows wrap it all together. That tile!

Moroccan Blue Kitchen Cabinets



There are probably thousands of shades of blue- green and they all have different and bizarre names. Nonetheless, it is becoming a more popularly chosen color for kitchen cabinets, and for good reason. It’s bright and lively, it has a certain type of energy to it, but it is soft enough to feel cozy and tranquil.

Blue-Green Kitchen Cabinets

Light Blue-Green

This kitchen has a true farmhouse style, with the twist of a lively color on the kitchen cabinets, accented with hints of red from the light fixtures. You wouldn’t normally think this would be a good color combination, blue-green and red, but somehow it’s truly appealing. Almost comforting even, as if it is wrapping you in its warmth.

Light Blue-Green Kitchen Cabinets

Bohemian Teal-ish

This kitchen has that boehmian vibe to it. The plants and the pull out draws, and that color so perfectly set against that red tile floor. How about those lanterns in the window? This color can give you major feelings for blue kitchen cabinets. If you like the shabby chic, or bohemian look, this might be your color.

Bohemian Teal-ish Kitchen Cabinets


Blue and green kitchen cabinets are not only bold, but they don’t scream loud enough to hurt your ears… eyes. And can be loved for years, whereas other colors might become overwhelming after a while. As you can see, it is a color that is also versatile, with such a wide range in hue that your possibilities for a unique kitchen are truly limitless.

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