Bold Kitchen Ideas With Granite

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Bold Kitchen Ideas With Granite   Bold Kitchen Ideas With Granite

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Granite Buying Made Simple

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Bold Kitchen Ideas With Granite

Bold Kitchen Ideas With Granite   Bold Kitchen Ideas With Granite

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Design trends of the past have been pretty traditional with slight variations to add some flair. Fearing that potential homebuyers would be scared off or that friends and family would “talk”, homeowners have steered clear of bold kitchen ideas and have instead kept with muted colors and simple countertops in the kitchen.

Homeowners of today on the other hand are becoming bolder and are thinking outside of the box. Aside from functionality and efficiency consider what colors and styles really reflect your personality.

If your tired of playing it safe, take your kitchen where no kitchen has gone before.

Kitchen Ideas: Full Height Backsplashes

In the past, back splashes were meant to be a simple accent to your granite countertop with a 15 to 18” height. Less conservative backsplashes that are installed from the countertop to the cabinet are now being seen. This gives a much more dramatic look.

Kitchen Ideas: Daring Granite Colors

Although granite is naturally occurring it does come in some stark color selections. Designers are getting creative with red, blue, and green granite. These coupled with a complimenting cabinet choice makes quite a presence.

Kitchen Ideas: Wall Color

Typically, kitchen walls are painted with muted colors to make a granite countertop the focal point of a kitchen. However, homeowners and designers are now using audacious colors that are complimentary to the bold highlights in their granite countertops.

Kitchen Ideas: Lighting

You can take a simple refined kitchen over the top with theatrical light fixtures. Chandeliers are a great accompaniment to granite and are eye catching as well. Also playing with your light bulb choice can quickly change the ambiance.

Kitchen Ideas: Waterfall Edge

Looking to make a sleek and clean statement. Choose a waterfall edge for your granite countertop. Since the waterfall edge is simply a separate slab of granite it can be installed on any size island.

Kitchen Ideas: White Granite

If you are looking to add color to your kitchen but do not like primary colored granite, opt for a pure white granite countertop with a unique cabinet choice. White granite countertops with black, orange, or red cabinets can give a very contemporary look.

Kitchen Ideas: Accent Furniture Pieces

Everyone loves a large island with extra seating. Usually these are one slab of granite that is the same or complimentary to the outlining countertops. Consider taking furniture like shelves or small unique tables and butting them up against your island with granite countertops for the needed functionality but with a whole new flair.

Kitchen Ideas: Wall Texture

Going with a traditional granite selection in muted colors and soft patterns opens up the option to add texture to kitchen walls. You can create a whole new feel in your kitchen by adding wood, corrugated steel, stone, tufted fabric panels, and even wallpaper to walls. Yes wallpaper! A blast from the past, wallpaper is making a comeback.

There are a multitude of ways to take your kitchen design. Choosing a granite countertop is the first step. The color, highlights, and pattern of your granite countertop can take the leading role in the scheme of your kitchen décor. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your kitchen by truly making it yours!