Can Denver Granite Countertops Last Outdoors?

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Can Denver Granite Countertops Last Outdoors?   Can Denver Granite Countertops Last Outdoors?

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Can Denver Granite Countertops Last Outdoors?

Can Denver Granite Countertops Last Outdoors?   Can Denver Granite Countertops Last Outdoors?

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You have probably heard conflicting information about outdoor granite. On one side, granite is highly durable and can withstand almost anything. It’s one of the most solid materials on earth. On the other side, granite needs maintenance to sustain its beauty, such as regular sealings and polishings. When you are looking to create a relaxing outdoor oasis where you can unwind, you want to have all the facts. Here are the factors you should consider before using granite in your outdoor space:


If you are planning to have a pergola or covered porch, you shouldn’t have any concerns about using granite for your countertops. Your main concern with using granite would be the porous nature of the stone. You have to keep it appropriately sealed to prevent water damage. If your covering shields it from dew and rainfall, you have eliminated the issue. Having a roof over your countertop will prolong the life of your granite and any other materials you choose. However, even if it is not under an awning shade structure, granite is still a great choice as long as you maintain it.


You may be concerned about the maintenance required for outdoor granite. It’s quite simple. Avoid abrasive cleaners and wipe down your countertops with a warm soapy cloth. Do this daily or as frequently as you use them to prevent a grimy layer from forming. Monitor the seal, which you typically need to redo every few years.

If you have a glossy finish, you can re-polish it as much as you like, but this step is more for looks than care. If you are not sure if it is time to reseal your countertop, here are some tips to help you determine when you should reseal your countertop.


Because of how it’s formed, granite is very heat-resistant. However, you should consider how much sun cover your countertop will have before you settle on a color. If you choose a darker stone, it will get hotter than lighter stones. You may need to account for more movement in the joints. Make sure you have someone experienced installing natural stones outside for your project. Granite has many unique colors and designs, so you have endless choices. With the proper installation, you can choose from colonial white to lapis granite to find the perfect look for your outdoor space.


It comes out on top when comparing granite’s durability against other countertop choices such as marble, concrete, glass, or quartz. It’s dependable and long-lasting. Due to its heat resistance, it’s the perfect choice for sitting next to your barbecue. It’s incredibly strong, scratch-resistant, and won’t discolor in the sunlight. As long as it’s sealed properly, it’s nonporous and will not stain. It can withstand extreme temperatures, so it’s a good choice for year-round outdoor settings, no matter your climate.

Inclement weather can present some unique challenges to your granite, however. If you notice ice forming on your countertops, a vinyl cover will prevent more frequent sealings. If you live in an area with frequent hailstorms, drape your countertop with a heavy blanket to avoid cracking or chipping from the more significant impacts.


Because of all of granite’s qualities, it is pretty versatile for your outdoor space. You can use it to create a timeless seating area where your family can gather for many shared meals and memories. It also makes an excellent bartop for entertaining friends, classing up any space. Just be sure to wipe up any acidic spills.

It is the ideal choice for your outdoor kitchen’s countertop, tying together modern appliances and nature with its earthy, timeless style. If you have the space, go big with a large sweeping countertop, incentivizing you to do your food prep together in the fresh outdoors. You’ll also have more storage space to keep all your backyard party needs close.

If you have any remnants, you can tie your whole design together. They would make great coasters or cutting boards for your outdoor space. If you have larger leftover pieces, you can use them for a garden bench or water feature. You could also turn them into stepping stones or a mosaic pathway leading to your dazzling granite kitchen space.

Overall, granite is a great option for your outdoor space. You don’t want to be constantly worrying about covering your countertops or wondering if the next stray soccer ball will destroy them. Granite can withstand freezing temperatures, prolonged direct sun, rain, and any errant balls you can throw at it. It has one of the largest design varieties, ensuring your outdoor space will be one-of-a-kind. Not to mention, granite has never failed to increase the value of your home. You won’t be disappointed with granite.


There are likely numerous opinions concerning outdoor granite but is still a fantastic option, as long as you keep it up. When compared to other countertops like marble and concrete, granite’s durability stands out. Granite is the perfect material for the countertop in your outdoor kitchen as it integrates sophistication.

Can Denver Granite Countertops Last Outdoors?