Can Granite Be Damaged? Believe it or not ... Yes.

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Can Granite Be Damaged? Believe it or not ... Yes.   Can Granite Be Damaged? Believe it or not ... Yes.

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Granite Buying Made Simple

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Can Granite Be Damaged? Believe it or not ... Yes.

Can Granite Be Damaged? Believe it or not ... Yes.   Can Granite Be Damaged? Believe it or not ... Yes.

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Can granite be damaged? Even though granite is one of the most durable naturally occurring materials and is almost indestructible, granite countertops can be damaged.

The good thing is that most forms of damage are the result of mistakes that can be avoided. This means that by simply being aware of these mishaps you can significantly reduce that chance that your granite countertop will be damaged.

Can Granite Be Damaged? Yes. Here’s How:


Granite countertops are not very porous, so they are essentially resistant to stains. However, if a substance is left to soak in for a significant period of time, temporary discoloration can occur. Liquids like oils, wines, and juices are the biggest culprits. 

Most of these granite countertop stains can be removed with a homemade paste that consists of baking soda and acetone. 

The most effective defense against these types of stains is to seal your granite countertop. 


Most homeowners may not be aware of etching and are not exactly sure what it is. Etching is when your granite countertop is exposed to acids like vinegar, ammonia, and organic fruit juices. This creates a chemical reaction that dulls the surface of your granite countertop that can appear like a stain depending on the color and pattern of your granite. 

Unfortunately, this cannot be reversed so make sure to wipe up spills immediately and use protective material between these substances and your granite countertop.


Hazing is not necessarily from actual damage but is created when the wrong cleaning products are used on your granite countertop. In essence, hazing is the massive build -up of products that clouds and dulls your granite completely. 

The best way to prevent hazing of your granite countertop is to always use cleaning products that are for granite ONLY.


Under normal every day circumstances, daily use will not cause your granite countertop to crack. Most cracks occur during shipping, fabrication, and installation. 

However, if you stand on granite countertops or put undue pressure on overhangs cracking can occur. 

Make sure to hire an experienced fabricator!


For the most part granite countertops are completely heat resistant. But…the sealant that you use may not be. Therefore, when you place hot pots and pans directly on your granite countertop it can cause black marks from the thermal shock. 

Your best bet is to always use trivets for casserole dishes and pans. 


Scratching your granite countertop is going to be very difficult to do. The only thing that can scratch your granite countertop is a material harder than granite. 

Any scratching can be prevented by never running anything over the top of your granite countertop.

Overall keeping your granite countertop looking brand new is very easy and does not take a lot of time. Using common sense and practicing damage prevention your granite countertop will stay in tip top shape!

If you are interested in using granite for your your next countertop project, give us a call! Not only can we give you true wholesale pricing, we can also match you up with a preferred fabricator who can custom cut your slab to fit your job!