Achieve your dream farmhouse kitchen and bath by including these things.

A farmhouse kitchen and bath are climbing in popularity for several reasons. They are cozy, charming, and warm. The farmhouse style possesses a certain sense that you are in the country, surrounded by acres of your own land rather than in a suburb surrounded by people. It takes us back to a simpler time. That is naturally appealing to just about everyone.


Characteristics of a farmhouse kitchen:

There are several characteristics that mark a farmhouse kitchen or bath, and several of them are rather easy to include in your space, and require little renovation. Here they are…

Open-face shelving

Open-face shelving allows you to display porcelain bowls, old glass jugs and mason jars, pitchers, etc. It allows you to add more details that are characteristic to a farmhouse kitchen, such as decorated cookie tins, old scales, woven baskets… It’s the little things that create the space, and open shelves simply have that more rustic/ vintage feel and look.


White is a commonly used color when trying to achieve a farmhouse look. It has that wide and breezy feel, like cotton sheets blowing in the wind.

It also means that your checkered curtains, and your rooster cloths or wood cabinets will stand out beautifully against their blank canvas.

Antique and/ or re-purposed furniture

Re-purposing antique furniture is one of the best ways to capture that old world/ farmhouse look. You can turn old dressers or wardrobes or hutches, even tables, into a kitchen island or vanity.

farmhouse kitchen


Butcher block countertops might be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to capture the farmhouse style, but you’d be surprised at how many farmhouse kitchens actually have very dark granite countertops, or even marble.

This is a common way to take elements of the farmhouse look, but update them, and bring them into the modern world.

Choosing granite for your countertops is a great way to achieve the look, while also having a durable surface.

Farmhouse sink

They don’t call it a farmhouse sink for nothing. Look in any farmhouse kitchen, or bath even and you’ll see one of these large sinks that hang slightly passed the countertops, with an exposed front. These are generally porcelain sinks, but they can also be copper or even stone. You can find almost anything to suit your particular style.

Wood beams

Wooden beams provide that cozy cottage feel, and sometimes can even elongate or widen a room. Either way, beams can give a space that extra touch of the country or cottage feel.


Shiplap is very iconic to the farmhouse kitchen, and especially the farmhouse bathroom. It is typically used as a backspash, or wainscoting, to give a room that extra texture on the wall. Really, ship lap can be used in many different styles (including an ocean themed space- since ship lap was originally used for, well, ships). We don’t know what makes it so particularly charming, but we all somehow know that it is. I guess we just feel it.


farmhouse kitchen


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