Here at Granite Liquidators, we offer a vast selection of around 700 stones, with 200 new stones imported monthly. While we take great pride in offering quality Denver wholesale granite, it’s equally as important to make sure that the Denver granite fabricator you choose to cut and install your slab is knowledgeable and experienced. Being involved in the granite game in Denver for a little under a decade, Granite Liquidators is committed to providing an unmatched granite buying experience. This starts with knowing what to look for when choosing a granite fabricator.

Denver Wholesale Granite

Before selecting your granite fabricator in Denver, it’s important to shop around. Don’t always go with the first fabricator you run across, unless it’s one of our preferred contractors which whom we trust and refer customers to regularly. You’ll want to get a few bids and compare them and make sure they are equally matched. Ask for recommendations and research them online to look for any worrisome reviews. Friends and family are also a great resource, as word of mouth recommendations are often highly trusted.

Give Exact Measurements

It’s important to know what the exact measurements of the space you are working with. You can send drawings with measurements to your potential fabricator, or have them come out to your place to measure themselves. This will ensure that there are no surprises and the correct size of materials is ordered and cut. The last thing you want is to assume a measurement which could cost you thousands of dollars if it ends up being false.

Discuss the Timetable of Granite Installation

It’s always best to set expectations up front before starting any major home renovation project. Talk to your fabricator about their schedule and any other work they have going on that could affect your job. Make sure you have deadlines for certain milestones of work, as you may need to coordinate with cabinetry contractors or plumbers. Try to get everything in writing in order to hold all parties accountable.

Ask about a Granite Warranty

Many fabricators will offer a warranty on their installation work. Be sure to inquire about the specifics of their warranty and what is does and does not include. Also, be sure to get this warranty in writing, should you have any issues down the line. Make sure to follow all prescribed actions, such as sealing the granite or regular maintenance as to not void the warranty.

Denver Granite Installations

If possible, ask your fabricators if they have any previous clients that would be willing to let you see their work in person. Often times, you may be able to see the granite countertops that were installed in local restaurants, so make sure to ask your fabricator for a list of public references you could observe prior to starting your project.

Granite in Denver

Choosing a granite slab for your next project is a big commitment, but make sure that you take just as seriously the task of choosing a Denver granite fabricator. You could pick the most beautiful slab from our inventory, but if your granite fabricator is not skilled or qualified- you could be getting yourself into a lot of trouble. Feel free to give us a call at 303.500.1014 if we can answer any questions or show you around our slab yard in Wheat Ridge, Colorado!