Most of the time when people are choosing granite countertop colors they are looking to aesthetically boost the look of their kitchen or bathroom. Although granite countertops are still considered a “high end” option the price has become a lot more reasonable. However, the longevity of a granite countertop far outweighs the cost.

When it comes to choosing a granite countertop most people are intimidated by vibrant colors and busy patterns. But these characteristics are what will elevate your décor.

There is a lot to consider when making a granite countertop selection. Not only do want your new granite countertop to blend in with your existing décor you want to be able to work around it. Installing granite is something you probably want to do only once in your lifetime.

Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing Granite Countertop Colors

Do not get overwhelmed

Once you start looking at all of the options available for your granite countertop it is easy to get overwhelmed. Breaking down granite countertop colors into categories can make it less daunting. In essence, granite countertop colors are like a pyramid getting more detailed as you go, and you just need to first see where your tastes lie. Secondly, you need to decide how vibrant you want your granite countertop to be and to what level you want it to stand out.

Two main color categories

In general, ALL granite countertop colors can initially be grouped into either: neutral or dark.

Once you have decided which of these granite countertop color categories best fit in with your design theme you can then do some more detailed exploring.

To help you determine which granite countertop color category to go with decide if you want to compliment or contrast your current kitchen or bathroom cabinets and flooring.

Lighter Granite Countertop Shades

In this article we are going to look at the more neutral shades of granite countertops and their aesthetic value.

If you have made a definite decision that a lighter tone is the best choice for your granite countertop you can then take some time to look at what this classification has to offer.

  • Beige – Beige granite countertops off a lot of versatility and are timeless. Beige granite countertops are also really easy to compare or contrast with since it is pretty much directly on the opposite of side of the color spectrum from wood or wood colored cabinets or flooring.
  • White – A completely white granite countertop is very rare. However, there are a lot of granite options that have a primarily white foundation. White granite countertops can be used to achieve a relatively traditional look all the way to totally modern vibe. Commonly, white granite countertops will have grey (light and dark) and/or black veining giving it a really sophisticated look. It is also not out of the ordinary for white granite countertops to have hints of yellow, blue, red, or brown running throughout the pattern.
  • Grey Grey granite countertops are one of the more popular choices among homeowners today. If you currently have dark wood or black cabinets, it is a quick way to give your kitchen or bathroom some highlight.
  • Yellow – Yellow granite countertops are one of the more “exotic” colors as they are a bit unusual. Yellow granite countertops are an easy and an inviting way to add some warmth and color without being too drastic.

The lighter shades of granite countertops will allow you to have some artistic expression but without risk. Light granite countertops are a great mainstay for your kitchen or bath because they are easy to work around and look great with so many other colors and décor.