Now that it’s nearly christmas, we can tell you tales of chillingly bad kitchens, give you nightmares with them even. Because if you’ve been continuing to live in poorly organized, dark, and outdated kitchens without considering your future, and that of those around you… well, you’re due to be awakened from your kitchen nightmare.

We shall now show you the past of all of those other kitchens. Lives going about in those kitchens were made darker and more difficult in those conditions. The hatred for the space became consuming. When others finally changed their perspectives and made actions to change their kitchens for the better… well, there are great results.

We are showing you this because we want to touch your heart. We want you to see that your kitchen, too, can change for the better. All lives surrounding you will be better for your changes as well.

We’ll show you the past, and your possible future. It is up to you to look around your kitchen at your present once we have finished, to determine how you want to live.




Now, here are a few kitchens that have undergone some seemingly massive changes. Really all they did was take off the wallpaper, paint the walls and cabinets, replace their floors and countertops. These changes don’t have to cost you a lot. In fact, with the right materials and suppliers, you can get quality materials for a price that even Ebinezar Scrooge can swallow. Ba-humbug.



The kitchen below doesn’t look horrible, but it certainly isn’t attractive.


The changes they made we extremely simple. All it took was a coat of paint, a new back-splash and lights.




This nightmare of a kitchen got a major overhaul, and added a ton of countertop and storage space. Love the pop of blue that matches so exquisitely with the tiled floors. There’s a real mix of different style elements here, and they blend seamlessly. A transformation to be proud of.




This dated and white-washed kitchen has been given a tasteful pop of mint green for the bottom cabinets. The copper fixtures and decor makes it all the more stunning, especially with that gorgeous marble. The dark wood floors, farmhouse kitchen, and collection of antique wood cutting boards gives this kitchen a more rustic look that makes this kitchen all the more beautiful. Don’t live in a white washed world. Add colors, textures, and lively pieces that fill the space with warmth. A space you and your family will really want to be in.




Whatever you do, don’t let your kitchen create a darkness in your life. Don’t let it haunt you. Change your kitchen, change your life.