Granite countertops are a beautiful and sound investment for the kitchen or bathroom. It is now one of the most chosen countertop materials among homeowners and designers. That being said, you still need to be sure to avoid the most common mistakes when using granite.

Even though a skilled fabricator can easily install your granite countertop, there are some common mistakes that homeowners make when choosing granite countertops.

If you have an experienced designer and fabricator most of these mistakes will be avoided. However, knowledge is power and being an informed consumer will only benefit you in the end.

Common Mistakes When Using Granite for Countertops

Choosing your granite countertop from a small sample.

You should NEVER choose your granite countertop from small samples. You need to purchase your granite countertop from a distributor that allows you to see the entire slab like Granite Liquidators.

The full color palette and movement of a granite countertop are not visible in a small sample. Only when viewing the full slab will you be able to get the true color tone of the granite or the pattern movement. You will most likely find yourself shocked after installation if you only judge the appearance of your granite countertop on a small sample.

Understand different installation styles and options for your granite countertop.

If you are not familiar with some of the customizable installation options that are available when it comes to granite countertops you may be missing out. Here are some of the most common installation techniques that inexperienced homeowners are not aware of:

    • Waterfall granite countertops – take the granite countertop over the side of your island all the way to the floor for a super dramatic look.
    • Granite Edge Profile – fabricators can create a straight, bull nose, or beveled edge on your granite countertop giving it a more finished appearance.
  • Undermount sinks – installing your sink under the granite countertop hides the lip of the sink for a seamless presentation.


Expecting Perfection

Granite countertops are never disappointing when it comes to their beauty and visual appeal. However, homeowners need to understand that because granite is a naturally occurring material it will have natural flaws.

Fissures, color blotches, and pattern disturbances are some of the most common flaws that you will come across. These imperfections do not compromise the integrity of the granite but simply cause visual abnormalities.


To ensure that your granite countertop is measured accurately you should always leave this task up to your fabricator. There are several nuances to take into consideration when measuring out a granite countertop.

Measuring mistakes can be very costly because they will inevitably lead to you having to purchase additional material.

Being educated about these frequent mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to choosing a granite countertop will eliminate disappointment, cost increases, and ensure successful installation.