Common Myths About Granite Countertops

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Granite Buying Made Simple

Common Myths About Granite Countertops   Common Myths About Granite Countertops

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Granite Buying Made Simple

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Common Myths About Granite Countertops

Common Myths About Granite Countertops   Common Myths About Granite Countertops

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The internet is a great way to research things that you do not have a lot of knowledge about, but often times you can get false information. People often post things on the internet in a false light depending on the view that they are intending to support.

Common Myths About Granite Countertops

Here are some common myths that you may come across in regard to granite countertops:

Granite countertops are an overall poor choice: False

When it comes to granite countertops this could not be farther from the truth. How can a granite countertop that is long lasting, easy to clean, and beautiful be a poor choice? Granite countertops also provide a great kitchen work space. They are gentle enough to roll out dough on but durable enough to withstand hot pots and pans.

As long as you frequently wipe down your granite countertop and following a few rules of caution it will stay looking pristine.

Granite countertops require consistent maintenance: False

Because granite is one of the hardest naturally occurring products a granite countertop cannot be damaged easily. Granite countertops are stain- resistant, scratch resistant, and heat resistant.

By wiping up spills quickly and not allowing substances to sit on the surface of a granite countertop it will not absorb color from things like wine, juice, or soda.

Granite countertops have to be sealed over and over: False

Once a granite countertop is sealed you will not have to constantly re-do it. Depending on the type of sealant that you put on your granite countertop you may only need to seal it once during its entire life.

Also, by being cautious like always using trivets and not putting chemicals on your granite countertop the initial seal job will hold up.

If I have a granite countertop I can never have or serve wine: False

Obviously after making the investment in your granite countertop you are going to want to make sure that you take proper care of it. However, there is no need to stop enjoying the things you love!

Sealing your granite countertop will buy you time when cleaning up spills meaning that no staining should occur.

Granite countertops are a fading trend: False

If you read this somewhere it was probably to promote another product. Granite countertops are not a fading trend and will be around for decades to come. With new design ideas consistently popping up and the selection of granite countertops endless there is something for everyone!

Granite is expensive: False

Decades ago when granite countertops first made their appearance it had a higher price point. Today, because it is more available the price averages anywhere from around $50 – 150 per square foot. You will find that granite countertops are now more reasonable than other trendy materials on the market.

Granite will lose its shine: False

Unlike other stone material like marble can eventually loose their shine but this is not true for granite countertops. Even if you only clean your granite countertop with soap and water it will still shine from day one to the last.

Granite countertops are a smart investment and will bring you a lifetime of performance and beauty. Hopefully debunking these common myths about granite countertops will encourage you to consider them for your home!