When most people hear granite, their minds instantly go to the use of granite in homes as countertops. However, this is not the only way that granite can be used in homes and in the construction industry. Granite is a common building material, as well as a common design piece. Let’s talk about some of the most common ways that granite is used.

What is Granite?

Before we jump into the different ways granite can be used, let’s talk about what exactly granite is, just in case you didn’t know. Granite is a coarse-grained stone that is naturally made in nature entirely of crystals. Granite can be found in a variety of different colors and with a variety of different patterns which is one reason why it’s so sought after. Granite is a common material used in homes to accent certain design looks, as well as for structural support in certain builds.

Common Uses For Granite

1. Countertops

This is the most common way that granite is used in homes. Granite countertops are a trend that has been around for years since the late ’90s. You can design a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room with granite countertops in a variety of ways.

  • Standard Countertops

    You will normally see countertops installed in the standard way where it just lays over the surface and is paired with an alternate backsplash. This is the most affordable and easy design when it comes to granite.
  • WaterfallJust this past year, a new trend was implemented where the granite countertops in your kitchen fall off the edge of your kitchen island to create a waterfall effect. This look can be more expensive, but the luxurious look is more than worth it.
  • Countertop and BacksplashAnother way you can use granite as an alternative to the traditional look is to carry your stone up and into the backsplash. This look is the reverse of a waterfall edge and can instantly give your kitchen or bathroom a high-end look and feel.

2. Building Stone

Granite building stone is commonly used for walls, barriers, and structural supports in building construction. Granite building stone is usually very rough on all sides. Another common granite use that is similar to building stone is ledge stone. Ledgestone can be used as a backsplash or a portion of tiling in a bathroom for example. Either one of these options is an elegant and unique way to use granite as opposed to others.

3. Crushed Granite

Crushed granite is a way that granite is used where a lot of people don’t think its actual granite. Crushed granite is used in a lot of high-end landscaping jobs as a filler for planters, flower pots, and as a filler around trees.

4. Paving Stone

Paving stone is another common use for granite in landscaping and outdoor design in parks, communities, and shopping centers.

Granite is an easy and semi-affordable way to give any home, community, or shopping center a high end and luxurious look with one easy installation. To learn more about granite and the different ways you can use it check out our website or reach out to speak with one of our stone specialists for inspiration today!