There’s nothing worse than wanting to reconfigure and upgrade a space that’s just too small. If you’re not looking to expand or move to a larger space, there are actually many options for small spaces in terms of design and performance. One of the main rooms that homeowners want to renovate are kitchens. Unfortunately, many kitchens are small or arranged in wacky shapes and angles. This can be tricky to design around while staying on budget. Granite Liquidators wants to simplify your worries and provide natural stone that fits the needs of your tight spaces. Because we purchase our material straight from the top quarries in the world, we’re able to provide an extensive selection of options to our customers at an affordable price. If you’re in need of natural stone countertops in a small or strange area, we’ve got you covered. 

Half Slab/Remnants at Granite Liquidators

One of the biggest advantages to purchasing stone for your small space from Granite Liquidators is that we have a wide array of half slab and remnant options to choose from. These slabs are typically beautiful and durable stones that are dimensionally smaller than full slabs. Our half slabs are 36 inches by 120 inches, ideal for most small kitchen spaces or bathroom vanities. We constantly have new slabs coming in and out, so definitely keep an eye on our availability if this is something that interests you. 

All of our materials are high quality and directly from the source. This ensures that your countertops will be durable enough to take on everyday life while maintaining its beauty throughout the years. Since these varieties tend to circulate pretty quickly, they’re very affordable and will upgrade your space without breaking the bank. Contact us or head to our inventory web page to view our current availability on these stones. 

We Work with Fabricators and Contractors

The best way to ensure your countertops will fit into your small space properly is by working with a fabricator. Your fabricator will listen to your design ideas and measure the exact specifics of your space to come up with the perfect countertop using a natural stone slab. Perhaps our half sabs are just too small and a full slab is more than you need, a fabricator can come in and work with you to cut the slab down to the best size for your space. Granite Liquidators works with hundreds of contractors who can help you to install your countertops and fabricators who will create the ideal surface for your home. Our partnership with these craftsmen will help you save money and time throughout your whole renovation process. 

Natural stone is one of the best investments that you can make for the interior of your home, and it’s more affordable now than ever. A simple countertop upgrade can take your small space’s value to the next level. If you’re someone who is interested in putting your home up on the market in the coming years, it may be a good idea to upgrade spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms to boost the selling price of your home as much as you can. Most of the time, your return on investment will be far greater than the effort and money you’ll have to put in to get your space to the aesthetic and functional needs that you’d like. 

Granite Liquidators supply of natural stone varieties is constantly changing and evolving to bring our customers only the very best quality and look for their surfaces. Because we’ve removed the need for a middleman, we can offer higher quality stone than the big box stores for a cheaper price. We have a wide selection of granite, marble, and quartzite options to include in your space. All of our natural stone was purchased directly from a quarry and will elevate the design and function of your kitchen or bathroom undoubtedly. For those with particularly small or obscure spaces, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right materials that provide durability and quality looks for your spaces. Consider Granite Liquidators for your next natural stone purchase, you won’t be disappointed! Call us today for a free quote.