It’s time to create the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of for you and your family to enjoy. Installing an outdoor kitchen or barbeque area will take your property to the next level and provide so many new opportunities to make memories with friends and family. 

When considering a project like an outdoor kitchen, it’s important to prioritize function over looks. For structures like countertops, it is vital to ensure that your materials can stand up to the elements and last in an outdoor setting without deteriorating. With that said, natural stone, concrete, and tile are your best options. Materials that exist in their natural form are your best bet for durability and longevity. Materials like quartz or countertops using recycled glass have the potential to change form and color over time. 


We recommend using a natural stone like granite for your outdoor countertop needs. Marble, although beautiful, is quite porous and can stain easily if not properly cared for. Granite is durable and can withstand harsh environments. It doesn’t stain or odor as easily as some other stones, and won’t fade in the sun over time. When choosing granite for an outdoor space, look for styles that don’t have any epoxies or fillers used, as it can be negatively impacted by UV rays. 

When selecting granite in an outdoor setting, we recommend choosing a lighter, or more mid-range color. Darker stones will absorb a higher amount of heat and can burn your hands on a hot day. Many people renovating outdoor spaces will also include a firepit or other similar features that will get considerably hot and need materials that can resist it without burning you.


Concrete countertops are all the rage recently and may make for a great outdoor countertop depending on your lifestyle and location. It’s a clean and modern look that is sure to look good in any space but can be prone to cracking and breakage if not properly installed or cared for. 

Concrete must be sealed when installed and regularly resealed to ensure longevity. As the most costly option for outdoor countertops, concrete is sleek and beautiful but definitely comes with its faults. Compared to natural stone, concrete may crack during installation and requires more attention and upkeep than granite. But for many, concrete is a cool and contemporary style that is worth the risk.


Lastly, outdoor countertops can be made using tile. Offering the most variety in design options, tile is affordable and will fit into any aesthetic of outdoor space. Tile is easy to install and tailor to your own lifestyle needs but may require general upkeep in colder climates. Grout and tiles that are frequently getting cold, thawing, and getting cold again are at severe risk of cracking. 

Additionally, grout has the potential to stain even after being sealed shut. If the tile is something that you decide to install, look for freeze-proof tiles and try to hire an installer who is an expert in the field. Although tile is affordable and simple enough to put in yourself, its durability and lifespan will depend greatly on the climate, materials, and upkeep you provide it. 

Ultimately, if you’re looking to build an outdoor kitchen or countertop area, we highly recommend going with a natural stone. Concrete and tile are both great alternatives to a natural stone like granite, but fail to check all of the maintenance and durability boxes that many homeowners look for. When considering a countertop for a new project or build, especially in an outdoor area, quality should always be your main concern and priority prior to choosing materials. Granite is a hard, natural stone that has the ability to withstand the unknown elements in an outdoor setting, as well as the range of different designs and looks to help you achieve any style you could possibly want or need. Unlike the other options, granite requires very little attention and maintenance so you and your family can focus on enjoying your new outdoor space without worrying about spills or weather damage. If this sounds like you, check out our wide range of granite slabs to choose from and give our experts a call to get started. If you just feel like browsing, come by our granite yards to take a look around today, no appointment necessary!