You can create a luxury bath in your home by surrounding it with marble or granite.

Adding luxury to your home, or even just your bathroom, doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sometimes, adding luxury can be as simple as surrounding your bathtub in granite or marble. Are there any secrets to creating a luxury bath? What is it about marble and granite that makes it a mark of luxury?

Marble and granite have skyrocketed in popularity since the 1980s. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but there have been many advancements in the industry since then. Originally granite and marble were hard to mine, sometimes even dangerous. It was also expensive to cut, and was considered a skilled craftsman’s job to form countertops and tiles. This is why granite and marble were used in palaces, and for sculptures and places like the Taj Mahal. Because it was rare, and expensive.

While granite and marble have become far less expensive, they have also become more popular. This takes away some of the upscale notoriety of such materials. And yet, even with such growing popularity, it still remains to be considered an item of luxury. Just one that is a little more attainable.

Even with granite and marble now more attainable, it is still a rarity to see a tub surrounded in either. But creating a luxury bath isn’t just about adding granite or marble. It is all about the design, about how it is included, and shaped. Below are some examples of luxury baths that have been done well. Use them as inspiration.


Marble & Paneling

This bath is luxury not simply because it is surrounded by a beautiful selection of marble, but because of the paneling on the side of the tub, the gorgeous window behind it, and the choice of lighting in the room. It’s all about the combination. Notice that the marble that surrounds the tub is also used for the vanity.

luxury bath



The drapes, the chandelier over the tub, gold paint, and candles. it all ties into the colors that are in the granite that surrounds the tub, and plays off of those colors. It’s a brilliant way of creating a romantic luxury bath. The best part about it is that any one can pull of this design, or something similar. I will say this is a bit over the top for many, but it serves as a point made that an incredible luxury design can be centered around the granite that you choose.

luxury bath



Luxury isn’t always about being grandiose. Sometimes it’s about being simple, and this bathroom does just that.

luxury bath


Frame The Tub

This tub would be gorgeous even without the frame. The marble surrounding the tub on all sides is incredible. The edges they put on this stone and the paneled look of it adds to that elegance. Putting the frame around the tub almost creates a picture effect. As is the tub is a work of art.

luxury bath


Windows & Decor

Another way to frame the tub, other than adding granite and marble itself, is to add a window behind the tub. It creates a serenity which is accented by he photo, the plush towel, and the dishes of seashells. The ship lap siding on the front of the tub, wainscotting, and accent wall all add up to a beach style luxury bathroom.

luxury bath


While there are a lot of ways to add luxury to your bathroom, adding granite or marble around the tub can be the starting point and center to a luxurious design.

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luxury bath