Natural stone is one of the most popular and best overall options on the market for stylish and durable countertops. You can’t beat the sleek look and feel of a beautiful stone on the surfaces of your home. That’s why Granite Liquidators has a plethora of options to customize your space with. For anyone in need of granite, quartzite, or even marble, Granite Liquidators supplies customers with completely natural materials directly from their mill of origin. 

For many people, undergoing renovations can be difficult. Not to mention, the added stress of what to do with any excess material. You always want to ensure you have enough natural stone to complete the project, but on the other hand, you also want to ensure you have a bit extra in case you need it along the way. This excess material often goes unused when it can be implemented in a variety of unique and functional ways. Don’t allow your money and stunning natural stone go to waste, create another use for it to have forever alongside your brand new countertops!


A great use for leftover stone is to install a desk either as an extension of the kitchen or as a stand-alone furniture piece to match the kitchen. This option will require a larger amount of excess stone compared to some other options, but if you have the material for it, this is an awesome use of space both aesthetically and performance-wise. 

More than ever, people are making the transition to working from home more frequently. There’s never been a better time to invest in a designated workspace for your home. When the work areas in your space look good, you’ll be motivated to use them more often. Even for those who don’t work from home, a desk made of natural stone in a guest bedroom or even as an extension of the kitchen countertops will go a long way in terms of design and overall functional flow of your spaces. 


Art is always a good idea when it comes to decorating and adding accents of personality to your home. Whether you want to simply display your stone as is, or are handy enough to create shapes and structures with it, there’s no going wrong with stone artwork.

Since most stone is durable enough to be incorporated in outdoor spaces, you should also have no problem displaying stone art in your yard areas. This is a great addition for those who love to spend time outdoors while taking in the same design as their indoor spaces. There are many interesting and beautiful ideas with stone artwork if you’re willing to think outside of the box and get creative with your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Cutting Board

A simple way to utilize excess natural stone from countertops is to create cutting boards. Not only are these extremely helpful to have when cooking, but they’ll also look seamless when placed on your kitchens’ surfaces. Because natural stone surfaces are so durable, they make for great materials to create cutting boards with. Some stones may require an extra seal to ensure its surface won’t crack, but for the most part, they should all be pretty well-off with no additional support. 


Window sills are something that many people tend to overlook, but paying attention to details like these can make or break the design of your home. If you have some excess stone from a countertop install, consider installing these extra pieces as windowsills in the surrounding areas. These small details will really pull together the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom spaces. Natural stone is also a great material that can hold up with carrying the weight of windows and any weather that it may come in contact with from the exterior of the house. 

Coasters and Trays

For those with very few natural stone scraps left over, consider utilizing these small pieces as coasters or trays for your home. Coasters are a great addition to any space, and will especially look great in a kitchen setting to blend effortlessly with the existing counter space. Likewise, making a tray for your vanity or side tables is a popular option with excess stone and will certainly be durable enough for anything you’d like it to store. These options are simple and effective for improving the functionality and interior design of any home.