supreme white granite liquidators marble fireplace

In today’s article, we’ll venture away from the norm of tips, tricks and other useful advice to bring you something just a little bit different…

At Granite Liquidators, we’re not just about building projects – but relationships, too. That’s why we’ve started this new segment of Customer Features, so we can showcase all the dream projects we’ve helped build and all the happy customers that follow.


The Project

Victoria’s project was a revamping of an old fire place to fit in with her home’s décor she had been creating over the past few years – which looked incredible. It had a quaint, cottage feel that emulated warmth and comfort. Right when I walked in for the project photoshoot, I felt so at ease and relaxed – she really created an incredible atmosphere and theme for her home.

And that’s when I saw her finished fire place. It was outstanding!

supreme white granite liquidators marble fireplace

What Material did you use for this fire place?

Victoria: “I went with Supreme White Marble. I already had an idea of what color I wanted, but being able to walk around your outdoor showroom and look at the colors of each slab up close was incredible.”

supreme white granite liquidators marble fireplace


Who performed your fabrication?

Victoria: “Cesar did outstanding work. During the installation I was worried with the stone breaking or chipping, but Cesar told me in great confidence that he’d make sure it would be completely fine – and it was! He made it look so easy, nothing was ever damaged and it really gave me peace of mind.”

supreme white granite liquidators marble fireplace

Glad to hear it! So you bought a whole slab of Supreme White, but that doesn’t look like you used all of it?

Victoria: “I actually thought to myself, hey…my backyard shed/studio is never accessible during the winter because the threshold is always swelling. So why not use some of the extra pieces of marble a create a new threshold and never worry about it again?

supreme white marble granite liquidators

This new threshold should stop that pesky swelling!



Victoria’s project was just one example out of millions that exemplifies the true beauty and even versatility of natural stone. People often hesitate to buying a full slab, because what will they do with the extra pieces? Victoria is a great example of homeowner ingenuity.

supreme white granite liquidators marble fireplace


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