white macaubas quartzite granite liquidators

Ever worry about turn-around time for your project?

Many homeowners find that a long wait time from the showroom to a completed install is a deterring reason to not remodel or upgrade. But just know that this common misconception is just that: a misconception.

You can easily pick out a material and have a fabricator install it anywhere from 2 to 4 days. Still not convinced that it’s feasible? This customer’s project might change your mind, which is why we’re coming at you this week with yet another customer feature!


The Project

White macaubas kitchen countertop granite liquidators

This customer (Jenny) needed an update for her kitchen and chose to follow a modern or contemporary theme. She put one of our current sales to good use by placing an order on a Monday and had her entire project completed just 4 days later.

Jenny chose White Macaubas quartzite for her project and the finished look is truly incredible and beautiful. By using a contrasting color scheme of deep brown – almost black – cabinets with the White Macaubas countertops, she was able to hit the nail on the head in regards to achieving a modern style.

Plus, the small instances of red in the light fixtures and a few appliances really adds highlighting and accenting features to the project – creating an even more pleasing aesthetic.


Because turn-around time was a factor for this customer, we had to refer her to someone we knew could do the job quickly and on such short notice. Luckily for us and Jenny, Stone Science was more than happy to help!

White macaubas kitchen countertop granite liquidators

The corners of the island also creates a unique look for her project and the entire design is phenomenal. It looks as if it had been taken out of an interior design magazine! Truly a great job by Jenny.

white macaubas quartzite sink countertop granite liquidators


So if your basing your decision to upgrade your house based on timelines, know that there are definitely options out there – we’ll help you find them, too!

Whether you’re a few months out or needing materials ASAP, getting you your materials on-time and when you want them, is no issue.

Did you have a recent project that you’re proud of? Send us in your pictures to mailto:[email protected] to be featured in an article, just like this one!