Here at Granite Liquidators we love showcasing our customer’s hard work. So in today’s article we bring you another customer feature!

Being able to showoff these projects not only gives you more bragging rights to your project, but it also helps other homeowners inspire designs for their own projects.

With this articles you’ll be able to see what works, what doesn’t work and what speaks to your desired design. To help you with design ideas for your own project, this week’s feature will focus on this customer’s granite kitchen remodel using Golden Crystal.

The Project

For this project, this customer used Golden Crystal.

A unique slab coming from Brazil, Golden Crystal utilizes gold markings accompanied by other, smaller specks of rust-colored waves. With the color scheme seen in Golden Crystal, this slab would be ideal for rustic, organic themed projects – such as this one.

This kitchen project is a perfect example of a traditional and rustic project, as the color scheme heavily relies on earth tones.

golden crystal granite countertops installed

The Fabrication

The fabrication of this stone was done by Reyna Marble and Granite. Their consistent, high quality work is one of the reasons why we consistently refer them to our customers.

On the note of this fabrication, another key feature that sets this project apart as being truly unique, is the utilization of stone veneer along the island.

golden crystal granite countertops installed

Looking like our Kayla Stone Veneer, Mint Sandstone, this combination of stone veneer and granite countertop creates an amazingly consistent project.

Plus, the light earth tone colors allows outside light to really soak in and bring an unmatched warmth to the room.


So take a look at this customer’s kitchen to draw inspiration for your own project! Whether you want a classic design or a modern one, there are features that you could effectively integrate into your own to make a beautiful kitchen, bathroom or any other type of project your heart is set on.

Did you have a recent project that you’re proud of? Send us in your pictures to mailto:[email protected] to be featured in an article, just like this one!