Hard Rock Granite: Your Denver Granite Fabricator

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Hard Rock Granite: Your Denver Granite Fabricator   Hard Rock Granite: Your Denver Granite Fabricator

Wholesale to Public

Granite Buying Made Simple

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Hard Rock Granite: Your Denver Granite Fabricator

Hard Rock Granite: Your Denver Granite Fabricator   Hard Rock Granite: Your Denver Granite Fabricator

Beginning 1/19/2023 showroom visits and material pickups require scheduled appointments. Please call 303-420-3331 to make an appointment. Thank you!.

Finding a good granite fabricator can be a daunting process. If you’re looking for a great Denver granite fabricator, look no further than one of our partners, Hard Rock Granite. Tim, Elton and Marco complete the trio which is Hard Rock Granite, which has been serving the Denver Metro area for the past year and a half. We had the chance to meet with Tim to learn more about their business and what makes them special.

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GL: Thanks for meeting with us Tim, we are excited to learn more about Hard Rock Granite!

HRG: Absolutely, thanks for the opportunity to spotlight our company!

GL: So, you’re a local Denver granite fabricator. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started?

HRG: About a year and a half ago the opportunity arose for myself, Elton and Marco to branch out on our own from a shop that we were all working at together. We really wanted the chance to work on more unique projects and the opportunity came for us to do more work with Granite Liquidators.

GL: So it’s just the three of you. Can you tell us more about each person’s unique roles within the company?

HRG: Well, Elton is the real talent here. He’s been in the industry for 13 years and has an amazing attention to detail. My role is mostly with logistics and templating. I help arrange getting the stones moved from Granite Liquidators to our shop and Elton and I map out the stone prior to cuts being made. From that point, Elton is responsible for the cuts and then Marco steps in with some stellar finishing work with fine tune polishing. I’m really thrilled that we all have the opportunity to work together- Elton and Marco are extremely talented with over 10 years of experience in the granite industry. I grew up around the trade industry, my dad and grandpa were both carpenters so it just runs in my blood.

GL: Sounds like you have a great team! Can you tell us about any special services that you offer?

HRG: Well, we will take on almost any job that comes our way- we have yet to say no to a customer’s request. Anything from a laminated edge to a waterfall edge. We just love seeing happy customers and seeing everything come to fruition.

GL: Very nice. Can you tell us more about a waterfall edge?

HRG: Sure, it’s when the countertop is cut with a 45 degree angle and looks as if it’s falling off the edge. It takes a lot of measuring, templates and attention to detail but the results are always amazing!

Hard Rock Granite: Your Denver Granite Fabricator

GL: What’s the average turnaround time for a project with Hard Rock Granite?

HRG: Our turnaround time is usually about 1 week from when we start cutting. Prior to that, it usually starts with a call with an idea of a project, coming to the house and making a template, picking up the stone from Granite Liquidators and then making our cuts.

GL: That’s not bad at all. We know how hard it can be to have your kitchen torn up and the family inconvenienced during a remodel. What would you say is your favorite thing about working in the granite industry?

HRG: It’s really just nice to put hard work into something and see it all come together. It’s awesome picking out the whole slab at your yard then seeing it turn into a sense of satisfaction once it’s installed in the customer’s home.

GL: What are your goals for the business in the next few years?

HRG: We want to see it grow organically over time. We want to be able to showcase our skills and keep perfecting our craft.

GL: What would you say is a little known fact about the granite industry?

HRG: Well, it’s the way Granite Liquidators operates. Traditionally, you would call a granite guy and they would come to your house with samples. You have to pick an entire slab from a 4” sample without knowing what it’s really going to look like. With Granite Liquidators, you can come down to yard and pick out the exact slab that will be going into your home. It’s really exciting for the consumer!

GL: We’re glad to provide that extra something special to the consumer, and we really believe in this new trend in our industry. Hopefully we can spread the word that’s there a different way to buy granite other than the older traditional ways!

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If you’re looking for a reputable Denver granite fabricator, give Hard Rock Granite a call at 909.714.2149. They are licensed and insured and will treat your project with the care and attention it deserves. If you’d like to browse some slabs prior to setting up fabrication, check our online inventory here. Choose Hard Rock Granite, because every home deserves granite.