Denver Renovation and Repair

For most people, these are grey areas. Yet nearly everyone will encounter a time in their lives that they need to make a few repairs, or want to completely renovate an entire room (or entire home).

So what do you do in those times? Are you handy enough to attempt it yourself? Are you willing to learn all you need to in order to make those repairs, and have it look half-way decent? Or are you more likely to call a Denver renovation service? Chances are, the latter tends to be the best option.

We sat down with the owner of Gibson Handyman Services, to ask them about their company, and what it’s like to work in the grey area of renovation and home repair in Denver. They offer custom carpentry, drywall work, tile, kitchen remodels, and so much more.

For Keith Gibson, life had always been leading him to this industry- the one of repair and renovation; of working with your hands and tools. He grew up in Superior, Colorado. Colorado is, in his words, “Where my soul is”. He’d been involved in the industry from the very start of it- receiving a new tool from his grandfather every time he’d visit, and subsequently learning how to use it.

He became a mechanic in his early working years, before starting his own business with another family. After running that that company for nearly 12 years, dynamics changed, and once again Keith struck out on his own, forming a new company called Gibson Handyman Services.

Home Repair in Denver

So far the business is pretty small, but his intentions are to continue growing, and says that, after five years of business, as more and more people become aware of them, growth has become easier and easier.

This is an impassioned story- a real American Dream. We wanted to know more.

What makes working in this industry the right fit for you?

Other than the building blocks for this industry created in childhood, Keith tells us that it is “Intriguing work. There’s something new every day… I get to work in multiple places around the area on various types of projects, so the fact that things change a lot, and I get to work with my hands, is what I like.”

He mentions that there aren’t a lot of people that know anything about this industry, and how to repair things in their home. It’s not a bad thing, it requires skill and a lot of years of experience. All homeowners hope to hire someone with the right level of experience for their projects, and learning since childhood about the industry has certain been an advantage in that aspect for Keith Gibson.

What do you want your customers, and potential customers to know about you and the work that your do?

“The focus is always on quality”

Keith wanted us to know that they’ve handled a wide range of projects, both big and small, and in a variety of styles. They take the time to sit with clients and understand what their wishes are for their project, then explain what needs to be done to accomplish that, and the steps they’ll take. They have worked on unique projects from installing a wood burning fireplace, to building horse stalls, to full kitchen remodels.

Word of mouth recommendations and repeat customers are the backbone of this company, and quality work is what warrants these recommendations.

What are some goals you have for your company moving forward?

Delivering quality every time will always be a goal, and so far they’ve succeeded at it. Growth, as mentioned earlier, is a goal they are already in process of, but they hope to always remain small enough that they can form a network of relationships and repeat customers that trust them, and know them and the work they do on a more personal level.

Since Keith Gibson and his team can tackle a wide range of projects of all sizes, and do it with a lifetime of experience and knowledge, they might be exactly who you need to handle your repair or renovation. Call them at 303-913-1686!