Granite countertops in Denver are a popular style!

Most Coloradan’s are familiar with the famous “Flying Saucer” house that towers over I-70 heading West to the mountains. It is nestled in the Genesee Mountains at 2,400 feet. It has spectacular views that overlook the Continental Barrera. Although it is only 300 meters from the highway, it feels extremely secluded and away from the chaos of the city.

The creator of this amazing house is the well-known architect Charles Deaton. Deaton not only exhibited his spaceship like designs on the “Flying Saucer House”, but also in its sister building located in Englewood, Colorado. The spaceship looking bank is over 50 years old and has many similar architectural features. Charles Deaton has been revered in Colorado for decades for his craftsmanship and attention to detail. Some of which includes granite floors and granite countertops in Denver, concave walls, amazingly expansive window sets, and translucent glass.  

It is almost disrespectful to simply call Deaton’s structures anything but sculptures. They are so far from everyday traditional construction that has four walls, a ceiling, and a floor.

In September 2017, Westword Magazine paid homage to Deaton by printing some questions and answers that he addressed in an interview decades before. The article quoted Deaton saying “I was not trying to be streamlined or futuristic when I designed the house. I wanted it to be a sculpture for its own sake”. Deaton also explained that most architects are “spooked” by curvilinear design and that he wanted to prove it could easily be done.  

Deaton spoke publicly about the “Flying Saucer” house before his death in 1963. Sadly, he never saw the house come to complete fruition as Deaton ran out of money after completing the exterior structure to the tune of $100,000 which was a high price back then. The “Flying Saucer” house was left abandoned and without any of Deaton’s finishing touches like granite floor and granite countertops in Denver until the mansion was purchased in 1999 by millionaire John Huggins. Out of respect and allegiance, Huggins enlisted Charles Deaton’s own daughter (who is a well-known Denver interior designer) to complete her father’s project.  

Completion of the Home

Knowing her father well, she took the time to personally select the interior finishing and embellishments. Charlee Deaton, the principal designer at Watermark Interiors, filled the interior with granite floors and granite countertops in Denver, bright colors, mod furniture, and amazing light fixtures. The kitchen alone is breathtaking with it extremely large almost half circle windows, black granite countertops in Denver accented with wood and steel, and colored lights.  

The “Flying Saucer” house covers 7,700 square feet over 5 levels. You will find granite floors and granite countertops in Denver throughout. Forbes magazine labeled the “Flying Saucer” house one of “America’s Ugliest Mansions”. However, Charlee went above and beyond decorating the interior. Since the walls are all concave, artwork or other wall decorations cannot be hung so the furnishings, the granite floors and granite countertops in Denver, the beautiful glass, and other fixtures had to be amazing enough to stand on their own.  

John Huggins planned on making the “Flying Saucer” house a weekend getaway, but because of its reputation before and after the final reveal, he ended up using it to host all the charity events that he sponsored. The lavish and unique interior and gorgeous granite floors and granite countertops in Denver were a great draw for guests.  

As previously mentioned, Denver’s Flying Saucer House has a sister building located in Englewood, Colorado. This structure was completed in 1967 by the same Charles Deaton. The interesting thing about it is that it was futuristic then and still is today. Many people embrace its uniqueness while others do not. Deaton was known for being a bank design specialist prior to creating the Flying Saucer House. He shared many of the same design components in all of his buildings. All of them have striking beauty using many of the same features mentioned before like granite floors and granite countertops in Denver, spiral staircases, curved walls, and dramatic windows.  

These architectural wonders, along with many others that use granite floors and granite countertops in Denver are peppered throughout the city. Most of these can be visited by anyone interested in taking in their striking exteriors and interiors. Specifically, the Flying Saucer House has periodic open houses that anyone can attend. If you would like to see what mimicking the granite style looks like for you, give us a call! Our experts can walk you through every step of the process regarding the addition of granite to your home!