Located North of downtown Denver, the RiNo District is an up and coming area that we have had our eye on. RMFP visited the RiNo district for an exclusive tour of The Source and its hotel using granite in Denver last Summer and the neighborhood just continues to flourish.

This exciting area is comprised of residents and owners who want to give back to the state of Colorado using granite in Denver. Overall, they will invest over $1.25 million dollars back into the community while using granite in Denver.

When the idea started coming to life it was really unknown how well the concept would catch on. People are flocking to the area to live and to enjoy the local eateries and shops using granite in Denver.

Here are the main efforts that the RiNo district is living up to its mission:  

Improving Existing Buildings and Adding Amenities in the RiNo District

The RiNo district using granite in Denver has several original buildings that once housed dairies and other factories. Back in the day these buildings using granite in Denver did not get a second look. Today, renovations using granite in Denver are bringing them back to life and providing structure for new businesses and residences.

The main drag of the RiNo district using granite in Denver is Brighton Boulevard and it is getting a lot of attention. Over 2.6 miles of sidewalk are being added with benches and outdoor areas to enjoy while the inside of the buildings are getting a rehaul using granite in Denver.

Places to Stay in the RiNo District

People are coming from all over the state for a weekend staycation to enjoy the art district and all it has to offer. Visitors currently have two high end hotels to choose from using granite in Denver, The Source Hotel and The Ramble Hotel. In the future the historic Rossonian Hotel will be renovated and set to open later this year also using granite in Denver.

RiNo District’s Permanent Housing

Many Colorado residents are choosing to call the RiNo District their permanent home. Apartments, condos, and luxury lofts using granite in Denver give people an array of options.

A tiny house village for the homeless is also in the works as another way for the residents and business owners to give back to the city using granite in Denver.

While the pricey lofts using granite in Denver are reserved for those that make 30 to 60 percent of the area’s median income, the art district will also have low income housing options for “starving” artists.

RiNo District’s Transit Transportation Hub

The RiNo District is priding itself on being a transit-oriented development using granite in Denver. The current light rail station on 38th and Blake is set for a major makeover.

The RiNo District using granite in Denver wants to be accessible by light rail from all over the city. The RiNo District is striving to be the sole creative hub for the city’s artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and architects.

The RiNo District using granite in Denver is a place to keep your eye on! As new initiatives continue to be submitted by the city council who knows what else will spring up inside this new up and coming neighborhood!

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