Bathrooms are always designed with the adult in mind. The counters are higher, and so are the seats. The colors are more neutral, and the floors are cold. The bathroom isn’t the most fun place in the house for a kid to be in. But, they won’t stay children forever.

So the question becomes: How do you design a bathroom that your children will love, but will still appeal to them as they get older, as well as appeal to adults?

When thinking over this question you should first think about all the challenges for your children in the bathroom. Or even the challenges you face in keeping it clean or organized. Is the seat or sink too high? Do the kids mix up their toothbrushes and leave their towels on the floor? Do they go to the bathroom at night, and need a light?

There are a lot of solutions to these problems, and they don’t have to break the bank. Simple changes can make all the difference in creating a space that all of the members of your family will love, and be able to use happily.
Bathroom Design

Keeping towels straight and neat on a towel rod is difficult enough for a rushing adult let alone a child. Switching it up with coat hook is not only easier, it tends to keep the towels off the floor better, while also looking good.

led nightlight

These toilet bowl lights are pretty adorable. They come in a range of different colors, so your child can avoid missing the seat for that middle of the night or early morning bathroom call.


bathroom design

By adding an open face shelf under the sink you are making the space more accessible to the kids, while allowing for pops of color and visibility of some of their favorite things.


kids bathroom

This is still one of the best kids bathroom remodels we’ve seen. It collides so perfectly with fun colors and patterns, accessibility, and giving the space a design edge for adult eye pleasing. (click on the image to see more pictures from the “A Storied Style” blog)


childrens showerhead extender

Just one of those genius items you find perusing the internet. Bath’s always take more water and time than a shower, and aren’t always fun when the water is too hot or too cold. Solution? Kiddie shower head.


bathroom design

Again, if you’re looking to light up the night for your kiddo, this is one of the best ways. No more stubbed toes or running into cabinets. You could even use it for those early morning school rises when your eyes aren’t adjusted to bright lights yet. Turning on those excessive overhead lights while you’re trying to look in the mirror is just too much for… just about everybody. (Ok, maybe every bathroom needs these lights)


bathroom design

Again, genius! A pull out drawer under the sink cabinet. Why did it take so long for this to be added to bathrooms. This would even help when you’re trying to clean the top of the mirror. But for children, it’s an essential. You either have to lift your child by the waist, keep an obstructive foot stool in the room, or….


bathroom design

Add one of these… A sink handle pulley so your child can turn the water on without climbing.

These are plenty more where this came from. All the pictures have links so if you want to find out more or purchase… well there you have it, folks. Remember, bathrooms are another area that sees a lot of traffic, wet surfaces, and messes. The need for durable materials, especially countertops, is essential. Not only for the style and personality of your home, but for the use it undergoes. So whether you are adding small personal touches or renovating the entire bathroom – choose what will last.