How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000

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How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000   How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000

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How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000

How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000   How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000

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Renovate your kitchen for under $5000 with these tips.

Having a budget of only $5,000 for a kitchen renovation, means you have to do much of the work yourself. It also means you have a limit on what you can do. But make no mistake, a limited budget doesn’t mean your kitchen won’t see dramatic results. You’d be surprised what a few minor changes can do to the overall space. By sticking to the following tips and tricks, you can complete your DIY kitchen renovation with less than $5,000.


How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000


How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000

(All they did was add doors to the top cabinets, paint, and replace the countertops)


DIY Kitchen Renovation Tips

The key to a kitchen renovation on such a small budget is to keep as much of the original kitchen as possible. I know, that sounds counterintuitive… But, by keeping the layout of your kitchen the way it is, keeping the flooring, keeping the same walls or appliances- It’s these major items that typically add to the bulk of a general renovation. But your renovation is different.


Keep your cabinets, but reface them. You can change the doors, or you can simply paint the cabinets a different color. This makes more of a difference than you realize

You could also take the wall cabinets down and put up open shelving instead. It doesn’t require much. You can get the shelving from Ikea, or use salvaged wood, for extra savings.


We’d recommend a new paint for the walls while you’re at it- even if it’s just a fresh coat of the existing color, in addition to the new paint on the cabinets. (Though it’d be best if they aren’t the same color)


Aside from painting your cabinets, changing your countertops is the one change you can make that will immediately and dramatically alter the look of your kitchen.

Believe it or not, granite countertops aren’t out of reach, even for a budget of only $5,000. At Granite Liquidators, you can get a slab of granite for as low as $599. We work with fabricators to keep the cost of installation low for our customers. You could have brand new granite countertops for under $1500.

How To: DIY Kitchen Renovation For Under $5000

(In this before and after, paint the cabinets and the walls, and switch out the faucet- look how much of a difference those small changes made)


It seems off, but a simple change of the drawer pullers/ knobs on the cabinets will make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the kitchen- especially if those cabinets are also newly painted.

You can also replace the faucet. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can find salvaged faucets or new ones, and it still won’t be a hefty drop on your budget.


Make sure that your light bulbs are replaced with bright energy efficient bulbs. You don’t want a dimly lit kitchen. It makes the whole space seem very outdated.

You can find light fixtures, new or old, at a very reasonable price. There are dozens of thrift and antique stores around Denver, and they offer a wide range of usable items that can be cleaned up and repurposed.


Backsplashes aren’t required, but if you really want one, avoid tile. At least if you want to stay under $5,000 and don’t have enough room in the budget for all the tile and supplies you’d need.

Instead, choose shiplap, or a sheet of aluminum (sounds weird, I know, but those stainless steel/ aluminum sheets are a great option for a modern kitchen).


All in all, our point is that your kitchen doesn’t need major alterations to show dramatic changes. If you’re looking for granite countertops to start your DIY kitchen renovation, give us a call at: 877-789-0489. Or, you can stop by our show room and take a look at our wide variety of hand- selected stones. If you’d like to contact us beforehand, click here.