Renovations are no easy task, and certainly no cheap investment. When purchasing materials for your new house or features, it’s vital you know exactly what you’re spending money on prior to installation. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many suppliers that only provide samples of their products as opposed to the real thing. At Granite Liquidators, we’ll never show you a sample of a stone. Instead, we’ll show every slab we have in its entirety. As a customer, you’re able to come by our granite yard at any time during business hours to check out our full inventory with your own eyes. Samples are misleading. They only show a sample size of what you’re actually purchasing. More often than not, granite and other stone is highly variable from slab to slab. Offering only a sample can give a false idea of what the stone will look like once installed and what its actual texture and unique patterns will look like. 


Unfortunately, some stone suppliers will mislead customers with a sample of an expensive or rare stone that they think they are purchasing, and will instead install a very similar-looking slab during renovation. The suppliers charge the customers full price for the expensive stone and get away with installing a more affordable one that resembles it. Oftentimes customers will not know any better because they didn’t actually see the slab prior to installation, they only saw a subset of what they thought it’d look like. When you purchase a stone from Granite Liquidators, we make sure you know exactly which slab is yours and attach your name to it immediately so you know it’s going to where it’s supposed to. There are so many people out there trying to scam unassuming customers into spending more than they need to for beautiful stones, and we strive to end that with our full transparency and trustworthy customer service.


In some instances, we understand the necessity for samples. Situations where you’re unable to view slabs in person or are in a quick crunch for time definitely warrant samples occasionally. But even if you’re unable to travel to our granite yard, we highly recommend that you request a photograph or have a friend come take a look for you. Samples can only provide so much detail and description to what your countertops will inevitably look like. Viewing the full slab that you’re interested in ensures you get the look that you absolutely want in your home. Granite and other stones of any kind are no cheap purchase. We understand the hardships and investments that these slabs are for many people, and we want you to be as satisfied as possible with the result. Rest assured, your stone needs will be taken care of reliably and ethically. Quality products and service are at the core of what we do best. As a customer, you are our top priority at all times and we want nothing less than to give you the materials of your dreams. 


Additionally, Granite Liquidators can provide half slabs upon availability. Half slabs are great for those needing stones in smaller areas, or for those who are still unsure if it’s the right option for their house. Half slabs allow us to be more sustainable and resourceful in our inventory, and are one of our most popular items. With a decent amount of variety and a bit more affordability, half slabs are great for those looking to mix different stones throughout their house. Many people who decide to go with this design are provided with samples lined up against one another. It may look good at the store all together, but once it’s installed, there’s no telling what it’ll actually look like. Our half slab section is great for this because customers can come by in person and check out exactly what their slabs will look like when individually and collectively compared.


If you’re tired of stone shopping through samples, give our highly trained specialists a call today and they’d be happy to get you on the right track! We also would love for any and everyone to come on down to our granite yard and glance over the selection for yourselves. Stop settling for bits and pieces of the full picture, make your dream home visions come to life today!