Drinks We Can All Cozy Up To This Winter

There’s something about winter that causes us to spend more time in the kitchen. We switch our meals to warming comfort foods such as chili, pot roast, and a hoard of hardy soups. Winter and the holidays mean hot chocolate and mulled apple cider. Cozy fires and warm blankets.  But before we drift too far into winter dreamland, conjuring dreams of laying in bed all day under the blankets reading a great book while the snow falls outside, lets talk about the winter drinks we hope to have in this dream.

There are endless choices when it comes to warm drinks to pass around in front of the fireplace this winter, but there are a handful that just about sum up everything we love about this time of year. Here they are, exactly what we’ve been dreaming of: (for links to recipes, click on image).


Crock Pot Cranberry Apple Cider

Cranberries, apples, and cinnamon… what more could you want in a drink? Plus, cooking it in the crock pot all day will make your house smell divine.

Cranberry Apple Cider


Hot Buttered Bourbon

This is like taking Butter-beer to a whole new level. Bourbon with apple cider, honey, cinnamon, and of course butter… a combination sure to warm you up in these frigid winter temperatures.

Hot Buttered Bourbon


Cranberry Moscow Mule

The moscow mule is already a signature winter drink. It didn’t take much to make this drink a holiday favorite either, add cranberry cocktail juice to the mix, and some real cranberries, and you’ve got a classic. We know it has ice… but it also has alcohol. That should warm you up real nice.

cranberry moscow mule


Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Craving a hot chocolate? Well, add some extra flavor and warmth with some Kahlua. Even if you don’t like Kahlua, or alcohol in general (yes, they do exist), all you have to do is not add the Kahlua at the end. This recipe is still amazingly delicious without it.


Kahlua Hot Chocolate


Slow Cooker Gingerbread Latte

Another one for the slow-cooker. If gingerbread is your favorite cookie of the season, then get prepared to meet your favorite drink of the year. Again, this will make your home smell incredible. And if you time it right, could make a great start to a Sunday morning… or an afternoon delight.gingerbread latte


No-Churn Peppermint Ice Cream Milk Shake

I know we said drinks that will keep you warm, but how could we possibly leave out peppermint? Well, we can’t. So here it is. The peppermint milkshake, and one heck of a shake it is. We know most people want a warm drink in winter. Really only the insane want something cold like ice-cream, right? Doubt it. I’m sure there are plenty who wouldn’t miss the chance to taste this treat… even in the cold of winter. It’s that good.

Peppermint Ice Cream Milkshake


Smore’s Martini

A SMORE!!!!! IN A MARTINI FORM!!! Ok, you got me. What’s better than chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker all in a drinkable form. I don’t know, but we don’t really have to think about it because we have, well, this.

Smore's Martini


These drinks will surely warm through the season. Whatever your dream is for this winter, add a bit of the holiday season with these concoctions of bliss.