Natural stone countertops—whether they be granite, marble or travertine—are not only gorgeous but also tough workhorses that can last for years…as long as you take care of them. Follow these crowdsourced tips to get maximum mileage from your stone surfaces.

Tyler Forte

Tyler Forte

Tyler Forte is the Founder & CEO of Felix Homes. Felix Homes provides homeowners with the most financially responsible way to sell a home. Previously, Tyler Forte was an investor and analyst at VentureLab Growth Partners.

Taking care

Natural stone countertops are a great addition to any house and will last a long time. But they must be cared for like the valuable addition they are.

To extend the life of your natural stone countertop you must make sure that:

  • It is washed often
  • You use a cutting board on the countertop while cutting anything
  • You use protective sealants

Every countertop has its own specifications to extend its lifetime, but following those and the above general guidelines can extend its lifetime, sometimes to over a hundred years.

No scrubbing, no lemon-based cleaner

Never use lemon or lemon-based cleaner to clean your natural stone countertops. Lemon can damage it as it contains calcite, so never use it to scrub the mold and mildew. In addition, scouring cleansers on your countertop can be too abrasive and can eat away the sealing and leave your surface exposed to scratches and harmful substances. Instead, apply mild soap and water. If there are spills while cooking, don’t wait for them to dry out and harden. Wipe them off immediately.

Matt Rostosky

Matt Rostosky

Matt Rostosky is a real estate investor, flipper, and the owner of, a real estate company that offers quick and easy solutions to home sellers in Louisville, KY.
Mila P. Hyde

Mila P. Hyde

Mila P. Hyde, Founder of Comfy Kitchen Creations.

Install edge guards

I dreamed of stone countertops in my kitchen, but when I started researching how to take care of them, I realized natural stone counters can crack or chip from water damage and dishwashing. My advice is to install edge guards to protect your counters and prevent cracking, chipping, and water damage while you wash dishes. Anyone could use guards to protect their stone counters and sinks.

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