Searching for the right fabricator and going through the yellow pages, or doing a google search can not only take a lot of time, it can often be misleading. The amount of information alone can make the process far more painstaking.

The best method of finding a fabricator in your area, and with your criteria, is to ask for referrals. You can get referrals from your granite supplier, contractors, or realtors. Most often suppliers will provide referrals upon the purchase of your stone by asking you a series of questions regarding your project.
Most suppliers have a network of fabricators in the area that they’ve worked with several times, and will know the quality of their work and which fabricator is best for certain specifications and budgets, etc. Certain factors will change what kind of fabricator/ installer you need. Thus considering the following things will save you a lot of time, money, and headache:


Best Fabricator

Your budget is naturally a large determining factor in who you choose to do the fabrication and installation of your granite. Having a tighter budget will probably place you more in the arena of a simple installation with no frills, just a get the job done deal.

Timeline for project

How quickly you want your project done will also play a role in selecting your fabricator. Some are better than others at catering to time crunches, as some will have multiple orders to fulfill within the same time frame. While this may speak volumes to their popularity as a business, it may not work for your timeline.


The location of your project will determine the search area for a fabricator. Having one close enough to your home will be crucial to your budget, as there is often more fees for the farther drive they have to make. It will also make a difference for you if you would like to make a visit to the fabricator to discus the cuts and how the stone will be placed if you have a particular pattern or design.

Special design requests

Best Fabricator

There are some fabricators that specialize in more creative and uniquely designed installations. The edging, seams, stone placement, backlighting, all of this need to be determined prior to choosing a fabricator in order to find one that can live up to any special requests that you may have for your design.


Quality of their work

Best Fabricator

Often times you can ask for references from fabricators to help you determine which you’d like to work with. Other times you can simply look up reviews of that business online. However you find out more information about the selection of fabricators/ installers that meet your criteria, is better than taking it on faith.


The outcome of your project relies on the right fabricator/ installer, so take all things into consideration, and choose wisely.