Five Ways To Incorporate Granite In Your Workspace

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Five Ways To Incorporate Granite In Your Workspace   Five Ways To Incorporate Granite In Your Workspace

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Five Ways To Incorporate Granite In Your Workspace

Five Ways To Incorporate Granite In Your Workspace   Five Ways To Incorporate Granite In Your Workspace

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Granite is a popular choice for your kitchen countertops because it is resilient, durable, and affordable. These qualities also make it the ideal surface for your office space as well.

Your mood is affected by your physical space, and you spend the majority of your day in your office. Your office surroundings can influence how productive you are, your daily motivation, how confident you feel in your work, and the overall quality. Granite will set a positive tone for your day and make your space more enjoyable if you are working from home.

Granite is an easy choice to improve your workplace’s aesthetics, and it will make a statement to your clients. Here are some great ways to incorporate stunning granite into your office space.

1. Your Desktops

Whether you are in an office environment where granite conveys worth and status, or you are in an increasingly common work from home office space, granite makes an excellent desktop. With the right Denver granite fabricator, you could even use granite remnants to make up your desk at home or the shared counter spaces at work.

Other desk materials are prone to water rings, discoloration, scratches, and further damage over time. Not only is granite beautiful, but it is also highly durable and versatile, tying together nearly any office decor. As long as you take care of it, the granite you choose can be your lifelong desktop.

Moving tip: When attempting to move your granite desktop to a new location, consult with a natural stone fabricator to ensure the safety of your granite.

2. Conference Tables

If you are working in an office, nothing is more timeless than a polished granite slab as the center of your conference room. Granite can emanate warmth and positive energy in your business negotiations with its endless colors and one-of-a-kind patterns.

For example, a slab of iron red granite projects strength and courage and is even considered lucky. Having crimson in the center of your business negotiations can subconsciously motivate all parties.

Granite also adds to the sense of occasion in your meeting room. You can add customized edges to your tabletop to ramp up the overall effect.

3. Reception Or Lobby Space

No longer reserved for Wall Street, granite in your lobby gives the positive first impression you want. It projects the image of a successful business. It can even become part of your branding, matching your company’s logo or colors. Imagine greeting your clients over a granite-topped reception desk. If you are looking for a classic look, ultra-glossy dark granite will add to the dignified aesthetic.

4. Home Office Flooring

While your eyes may initially widen at this suggestion, granite floor tiles are actually significantly less expensive than their larger slab counterparts. Home offices are generally smaller square footage, so installing granite tiles in your office may not be as costly as you would expect.

Earth tones in your home office may encourage you to walk around barefoot, a soothing luxury you do not get to experience at work. Alternatively, you can take a page out of banks’ books and incorporate a light glossy granite. The expansive granite paired with neutral cabinets has a way of making a small home office feel and look much larger than it is.

Bonus: Cleaning up spills on granite is a breeze. However, you should have your granite sealed to ensure easy clean-up and sanitizing without stains no matter the business type.

5. Accents And Décor

Natural stone accents can give your office an old-world charm using remnants to compose a granite medallion. Or, you can make a modern statement with small tiles for backsplashes.

Another place to add granite is around your entryways or door frames. It is an inexpensive way to create a favorable impression. However you choose to incorporate smaller pieces of granite, they are an excellent choice for your office. The natural beauty pairs well with other natural elements such as indoor plants.

If you are working from home, the investment in even granite accents can make clients more at ease, communicating to them your commitment to your work.

If you are in an office, using the remaining pieces of granite in employee areas will pay off as they are incredibly durable, withstanding constant use for many years to come. They are also odor and stain resistant and surprisingly easy to clean.

Granite will make a positive addition to your workspace, whether at home or in a formal office. If your workplace doesn’t give the right first impression, it can be hard to recover. Granite instills pride and helps set the tone for the workday, showing your clients how seriously you take your work. Whether you invest in a conference table, desktops, or flooring, be sure you have it sealed and appropriately cleaned to keep it in pristine condition for the long life of your natural stone.