Do you have a tired kitchen that needs a new perspective? By using organic materials and bright colors you can freshen up your kitchen, quickly turning it light and airy.

White…a color that once lost its fervor is now back and going strong. Designers are loving it once again and are particularly recommending white granite countertops.

Freshen Up Your Kitchen: How To Get White Right

Top designers say that enlivening a white kitchen with white granite countertops is all in the details. Here are some basic strategies that you can implement to make sure that your kitchen with white granite countertops is top notch:

  • Pair white granite countertops with a neutral color palette. While playing around with different shades of white to accent your white granite countertop include some neutral tones like mushroom, taupe, and light brown to add dimension.
  • Add some warmth with wood. Incorporating a lot of white décor with a white granite countertop can be stark and can come across a bit harsh. By using wood, you can break up this visual illusion. This can be accomplished by contrasting your white granite countertop with wood flooring, ceiling beams, or paneling.
  • Make cabinetry the focal point. When it comes to white granite countertops you need to create some visual dimension to give the eye a rest. To bring the eye up, pair your white granite countertop with light or dark wood cabinets. A fun idea to really make your white granite countertops pop is to incorporate shelving without doors to display colorful plates, pottery, and serving dishes.
  • Always pay attention to hardware. Keep in mind that the hardware that you choose for cabinetry and faucets can dictate the main décor theme when pairing it with white granite countertops. For instance, hammered antique bronze hardware will emanate a more antique vintage look where as shiny stainless -steel hardware will scream modern against a white granite countertop.
  • Never use extremely bright lighting with white granite countertops. Because your white granite countertop will automatically reflect natural light you want to use soft lighting. Pendant lighting works best because it provides more localized illumination versus a wide spectrum. This will not only soften the room but will also highlight any contrasting tones that are present in your white granite countertop.
  • Don’t forget about stone. If you are looking for another contrasting material to use with your white granite countertop besides wood, consider using stone. For example, limestone pavers make a great flooring option that will provide some inflection to your white granite countertop.

As you can see the options are endless when creating a kitchen around white granite countertops. No matter what décor theme you are working towards a white granite countertop will be a welcome addition.

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