How much are kitchen countertops going to change in the next 25 years?


Each year hundreds around the world create innovative designs and technology with the hope of those being the next wave of the future. As time goes on, only a few of those designs are implemented, or even developed further. There are though, hopefuls who look at the future of kitchens and kitchen countertops and believe that there’s something to really look forward to, because we already have the right technology, it just isn’t being integrated.So does that mean that there is no future for granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite kitchen countertops? Well, while we can’t be sure, our bet is that granite and other popular stones being used for kitchen countertops will continue to be choice, even with the integration of technology.

Why do we believe this? Well, because stone slabs are a natural resource, it is likely they will always be placed higher than a replica. Homeowners like authenticity and the idea that what they have in their home is something naturally beautiful. Not designed, manipulated, created in a factory to look like everyone else’s countertops. As much as humans have a tendency to follow the bandwagon, hop on trends, we’ve also always wanted to be thought  of as unique.

If you’re curious though, as to what the future may hold for your kitchen and kitchen countertops, take a look at a few of these designs:

Induction and HD Backsplash

As mentioned, we already have this technology. it just isn’t being integrated yet. The designers are thinking: countertops that turn into stovetops with the push of a button. The stove can also be activated by voice as well. The backsplash will allow you to search the web and pull up recipes and nutritional advice.

Does The Future Of Kitchen Countertops Mean The End of Granite?


Interactive Stove

This stove will measure the pot or pan and create only enough heat wherever you place it on the surface. It also interacts with pinterest and allows you to pull up recipes as well as take pictures of your food and post directly to pinterest.

Does The Future Of Kitchen Countertops Mean The End of Granite?


Coffee Lovers

Don’t deal with those ugly coffee machines sitting on your counter, lines at Starbucks, or even those expensive k-cup pods in a machine that gives you a small dose with hose lines you have to clean regularly so they don’t get moldy. Instead, get coffee on tap in your home. Perfectly measured to fit your glass, and can create any type of delicious coffee or espresso drink you can imagine. Just search the selection on the app, choose, and watch it pour.

Does The Future Of Kitchen Countertops Mean The End of Granite?


The Garden

Taking fresh food to a whole new level… This countertop has a small garden above it for herbs and other vegetables and garnishes. All right where you need them.


Does The Future Of Kitchen Countertops Mean The End of Granite?



The Full Garden

There are some who believe and have designed models for our kitchens to be integrated with full indoor gardens. Most people don’t know that there is a lot of innovation going on in the world of agriculture. We are learning how to grow more nutritious foods faster, bigger, with longer shelf life, and without natural light. They are using a thing called hydroponics, (growing with water instead of soil) to grow produce in smaller spaces, in tubes, vertically, etc. Growing isn’t anything like it used to be, and now many are envisioning that our kitchens have a whole garden wall full of fruits and veggies and herbs. others are imagining systems like what is displayed below, belted against the kitchen countetops and fully integrated with the design.

These countertops, when one of your garden veggies or fruits is place on the surface, will give you nutrition information and advice and pull up recipes for you using that item. Sound like a dream?

kitchen countertops


As you’ve noticed, there is a common theme in these designs. It’s combining a healthy lifestyle with full access to vegetables and fruits without the grocery store. But, there is also the theme that our kitchen countertops will be retrofitted with technology that connects us to the web, recipes, shows, and advice. Many of these integrations focus on the area surrounding and including the stove/ cook-top. As we progress into the future, there is no telling what it will hold, but one thing that can be certain is that we will always see innovation, just as we have in the past. There have been alternatives to stone countertops throughout time, and yet, granite and marble are still the leading choice in kitchen countertops. Keep counting on granite, marble, and other stone choices, as we are likely to see stand the test of time.

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