Every time you pick up a home decorating magazine, new ideas fill the pages. Will the ideas every run out? As the love of granite continues to grow, so does its uses. Interior decorators and home builders are opting to go the route of getting rid of cabinets in the kitchen and replacing them with shelves and walls covered with granite in Denver.

Getting rid of cabinetry does take some careful thought and planning so that it looks good. Lining shelves with cups, dishes, and other essentials that compliment the granite you have selected is important to pull the look together.

To understand the true concept of a wall covered in granite in Denver, realize that this is so much more than extending a backsplash behind a sink or stove. We are talking about entire walls from top to bottom covered in granite in Denver.

Here are some design decisions that you will have to make to incorporate a wall decorated in granite in Denver into your existing home or in a new build:

Getting Rid of Cabinets: Do you currently have granite countertops in Denver?

If you already have granite countertops in Denver, you will need to decide if you are going to match the existing granite or compliment it with a new selection. If you are going with the later be careful! Since granite countertops in Denver have some sort of pattern and color variations it is hard to find two different types of granite that look good together.

If you do not currently have granite countertops in Denver choosing a granite will be much easier.

Getting Rid of Cabinets: Kitchen Design and Flow

Since removing cabinets means that dishes, glasses, and bowls will be unprotected, make sure that the wall that you are considering on using is not in a high traffic area where people are likely to brush up against the shelving.

Although shelving that is attached to walls of granite in Denver are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight, contact to the dishes can wreak unwanted havoc.

Getting Rid of Cabinets: Don’t Overdo It!

Although granite countertops in Denver are beautiful and look great with all design styles, do not overdo it. If you have granite large granite countertops in Denver and an island, make sure that your kitchen is big enough to handle a wall decorated with granite in Denver as well.

Too much granite in Denver will detract from its beauty and make your kitchen less inviting.

Getting Rid of Cabinets: Break it Up

Designers have come up with some great solutions to utilize walls covered in granite in Denver in smaller kitchens or in kitchens that already have a lot of granite. They suggest breaking up a wall covered in granite in Denver with brick to break up the solidarity.

Brick is a great compliment to walls decorated with granite and to granite countertops in Denver by themselves.

Brick can be left natural, painted, or treated to get varying looks that will compliment any pattern and color of granite in Denver.

Incorporating a wall covered in granite can be a unique design element that will be the talk of friends and family. Make sure to consider the above tips to ensure that it is done in an aesthetically appealing manner.