One of the most eventful historical events in the United States was the Battle at the Alamo. Despite the fact that it occurred in 1836 the main structures that make up the Alamo are still standing today. The Alamo which has many granite components was originally built as a missionary not a battle site. The intended purpose of the granite at The Alamo was to serve as a place to educate American Indians after their conversion to Christianity.

About the Granite at The Alamo

The authentic granite formations eventually withstood the 13-day siege at the Alamo despite the hundreds of Texans who lost their lives. The almost two hundred year old granite survived the torment of war needing little to no repair.

Outside the granite walls of the Alamo the Mexican troops were kept at bay by the unrelenting Texan soldiers. After Texan settlers and immigrants witnessed the ruthless behavior of General Santa Anna (Leader of the Mexican army) they quickly volunteered to join the Texan army. As the growing army gathered within the granite walls and attempted to plot and plan a way to gain their freedom from Santa Ana, the Mexican army refused to back down. Alamo co-commanders James Bowie and William Travis brought reinforcements to the soldiers and settlers who were seeking safety behind the granite walls. They were left to fend for themselves as the United States had a treaty with Mexico preventing any sale of weapons or army assistance to the Texans. As ammunition ran out and fighters lost their lives the Texan commanders were garrisoned inside the granite Alamo.

The Battle of the Alamo is often overshadowed by the memories of the Mexican-American War which occurred about a decade later. The Alamo, the interior structures, and the monuments standing today made of granite are seen my thousands every year but their significance and meaning have been lost over time.

Today visitors to the Alamo can relive the specifics of the battle by entering the Centennial Museum which is made of granite and limestone. It is not one of the original Alamo structures and was built of granite and limestone in 1937 to mimic the resilience of the surrounding buildings. It was one of nine museums erected to honor Texas Independence. The granite and limestone walls used to hold actual historic artifacts from the battle. But, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas decided to remove the artifacts to sell souvenirs to make money to support their mission that was moved out of the Alamo prior to the historic battle.

The fact that these historic buildings are still standing is a testament to how durable and strong granite actually is. If it can withstand the trials and tribulations of war it can withstand anything.

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