When renovating your kitchen it is a good idea to consider whether or not you want a backsplash or not, most people do. If choosing granite or natural stone counters it is best to determine whether or not you want that backsplash to be granite, and decide before you choose your granite to account for the amount you purchase and to coordinate with your fabricator.

The biggest deterrant for many people in the idea of using granite or natural stone for a backsplash is that it often leaves little room for personal touches, different mixtures of textures and colors, and an overwhelming amount of granite. But, there are many ways in which granite can compliment your design, even be an integral part of your style. There are many ways this can be accomplished. Take a look at some of the examples below that show how beautiful granite can be when incorporated correctly.


The beautiful marble countertop in this image is extended up the wall and surrounds the hood of the stove. But you’ll notice that the wall cabinets and the end of the granite are flushed with the door frame. Giving a perfect stopping point for the marble and allowing it to simple act as the entire wall cover for that space. There are no awkward or abrupt ends to the stone and it compliments the space elegantly.


In this space the granite only extends up to the cabinets above the countertop and extends no further. It is then complimented by wall color that brings out the finer details in the stone. This is a perfect example for how granite can be impactful but not overpowering.




Here the granite is a very neutral and elegant tone that creates a continuity for that singular space. it creates a seemless look and feel to the area. Choosing a basic stone or one that is more subtle will give you that character and elegance that is easy to keep clean and will not scratch or fade, or have grout that needs to be bleached due to discoloration. But if you decide that you still don’t want to invest in granite for fear that it might feel too overwhelming in the space then you can always choose an option like tile. The basic subway tile below is both classic as well as clean and simple. It can look elegant and timeless when done well.



Or, you could always choose a hybrid. Below the designer has brilliantly blended the two ideas by using marble tile as backsplash and classic black granite for countertops.