Granite Bathroom Countertops

We talk a lot about granite being installed in the kitchen, but what about the bathroom? Granite bathroom countertops are excellent choices for your countertop materials because many of the same reasons as why granite is an ideal material for kitchens can be translated over to the bathroom, as well.

Installing granite bathroom countertops has become the norm for bathroom vanity projects. It produces a great finished look and if you have granite installed in your kitchen it will match the overall theme of your house. When your remodeling project moves from the kitchen to the bathroom, there are a few things to remember as to why you should be buying and installing granite, not other man made materials.


Eco-friendly material. Granite is made through natural processes, so no chemicals have been added during its creation. A naturally occurring resource such as this also means that your granite bathroom countertops are 100% recyclable.

Pure aesthetics. No matter which granite color pattern you choose, granite will always add warmth and vibrancy to the room. Granite will act as a highlighting and accentuating feature giving your home a sense of character. So think about the design style you are trying to achieve before installing any granite bathroom countertops. For example, using a white color for your granite bathroom countertops will highlight the fact that your bathroom is clean and spotless, making your guests feel more comfortable when using it.

Durability. Granite bathroom countertops is a great solution for bathroom vanities because of their unmatched durability. What makes granite bathroom countertops durability so special? It will resist all forms of moisture and, if sealed, it will be more resistant to stains. As mentioned in our posts about granite benefits in kitchens, granite has incredible resistance to heat, so if you put down a set of hot curling irons, you want to know that your counters will be safe and undamaged. Granite’s resistance characteristics makes it a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens as it will be able to withstand the different temperature and moisture variables that can occur.


In a bathroom, which receives heavy traffic from liquids, chemicals, potentially hot items, and general wear and tear, a material that can effectively resist almost everything it will come into contact with is ideal. So when you’re remodeling, be sure to choose granite bathroom countertops rather than man-made materials. For more information, here’s a more in depth look into the differences between man-materials and natural stone.

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