Keeping your granite looking the same as it did the day you bought it is as simple as following these couple tips.

Now that your granite is installed, you’re looking for a way to keep it clean and looking new for as long as you own your home. You want that look to last, and truthfully, it can. That’s one of the greatest things about having granite countertops. Twenty, thirty, or forty years down the line, your granite countertops can still look the same as they did on the day they were installed. There isn’t a lot of things in this world that you can say that about. The only way to achieve this is by following these granite countertop maintenance tips and tricks. granite countertop maintenance

The first step in granite countertop maintenance: sealing your stone

Sealing your granite helps protect it from any liquids that spill on the counters, any potential scratches from knives or dishes, and any stains from things like mustard or wine. Also, sealing your stone will help it retain its polish to keep it looking great for decades. Here’s what you need to know about sealing your countertops:

  • At installation: Your countertops should be sealed as soon as they are installed. Most fabricators/ Installers will do this as part of their basic service, but it is always good to ask. Not every fabricator is the same, so you always want to ask to ensure that this is a service they include.
  • Resealing: Your countertops should be resealed annually, or at least semi- annually. This can be done by your installer, or you can purchase the supplies to do it your self since it is relatively simple to do. All it really requires is spraying it onto the stone, letting it soak, and then wiping away excess. *If you want to, you can also buy a specific granite cleaner that has sealant in it, and use that regularly.

Keeping your stone looking in top shape doesn’t require much time or expense. Other than sealing, you only need to know one other thing, how to clean it. I know what you’re thinking. Just spray it down with cleanser and wipe it off. Well, hold on a second.

granite countertop maintenance


How to clean your granite countertops

Granite countertop maintenance is pretty simple. Sealant, for the most part, will keep your granite in top shape. But you should know that certain cleaners can undermine the success of your stone sealant, and so can certain foods and liquids.

Just about every countertop material can be stained by things like Koolaid, wine, mustard, etc. That’s because everything has pours. Yes, even the fake countertop materials can be stained and made vulnerable by the foods and liquids left on counters. To avoid damage like this, you should always try to clean up spills immediately. You don’t want them to sink in. Even though you have the sealant on there, if you haven’t sealed your stone in a while, it can still get through. Especially if it is something acidic.

In conjunction, never ever ever use acidic cleaners on your countertops. A lot of natural cleaners like to use citrus as their main ingredient, but it will damage your stone countertops by eating through the sealant. Instead, stick to warm soapy water with a mild and non-abrasive cleaner.

As mentioned earlier, you can easily find specific granite countertop cleaners, both with and without sealant that will help keep your stone looking great for years to come.



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