Save hundreds on your kitchen renovation with these tips!

You’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, and replace your countertops with granite. Granite is a great choice when looking to replace your countertops because the material is heat and scratch resistant, easy to maintain, and naturally beautiful- something that everyone can enjoy for several decades to come. But to save you some time while you research granite Denver, we’ve compiled a list of the things you should know before you get into the shops and pick your granite, or even your marble or any other natural stone slabs.

Everything below will help save you hundreds on your renovation.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Searching For Granite Denver:

Buying granite isn’t a common thing for most homeowner, and there isn’t always a lot of information and tips being circulated around to help homeowners get the best prices and find what they’re looking for without going through a lot of hassle. This leads to many homeowners making a lot of the same mistakes. Knowing those mistakes can save you a lot of time and money.

Here are things you should avoid doing:

Waiting to choose your granite

If you choose your granite after you’ve already chosen the color of the cabinets and floors and walls, etc… it can pose a problem when searching for granite. Every single granite slab looks different from the next. You may even find that you like a different slab than you thought you would, or realize that your budget can only afford certain colors and patterns. This may mean changes to your design, lost time, and maybe even lost money.

So picking your granite first is likely your best option. Then you can design around the granite, since it is one of if not the most eye catching piece in the design.

Not bringing samples:

If you do happen to choose other materials prior to selecting your granite, or if you are only renovating your countertops instead of the rest of the kitchen, it is best to bring samples. That means take a cabinet door off, bring pictures of your kitchen, bring color swatches… anything that will help you select a stone that will match the look you are going for.

Not sticking to the plan:

Now, this really isn’t a mistake, we all change our minds, or find something we like better. The real problem comes when that stone is over your budget or causes you to change everything in your design. Again, this isn’t necessarily a problem if you don’t mind making these changes, but for some homeowners, it simply makes the renovation more difficult.


granite denver

How To Save Money On Your Countertops:

Buying wholesale granite Denver is your number one way to save hundreds of dollars on your granite slabs and fabrication. The middlemen are cut out of the process, meaning all of the granite, marble, quartzite, and onyx is imported directly from quarries around the world. By cutting out the steps it takes to get natural stones from quarries into homes, the price is drastically reduced.

At Granite Liquidators, all of our granite is hand-selected for better quality and variety in our showroom. All of our prices are up-front on our website, under the inventory page where there are pictures and descriptions of each of our slabs. We also give free, easy, no-hassle estimates on any of our slabs, which can be obtained by either calling us or visiting our showroom.

Which Granite Colors Are The Least Expensive:

This means black, tan, browns- you’ll find that these shades are typically the least expensive, and that white granite and marble tend to be the most expensive in the showroom.

Black and white granite are the two most popular choices in granite colors. So why is one more expensive than the other?

It has everything to do with supply and demand.

Black and darker colored granite slabs are the most abundant available colors on the market. Most of the granite mined across the world tends to be in darker shades. While white granite, and especially marble, are far more difficult to find and are less abundant in nature.

Another thing to pay attention to is the patterns of the stones. The more exotic a granite slabs pattern is, the more expensive it becomes. This is because the stone is more unique, rare, and often contains more vivid colors and a beautiful movement.


To find the best prices for granite Denver, speak to a granite specialist at Granite Liquidators, call 303-647-4195. To check out our inventory you can visit our showroom, or our online inventory page by clicking here.