No matter which fabricator you choose, just make sure they’re the right one.

The granite market has changed over the years. Gone are the days that you must purchase your granite through a contractor or designer. Gone are the days of being required to have your stone fabricated by the place you bought it from. Now, you have more freedom to choose than ever before. Now, you can buy your stone wholesale, directly from quarries, at the lowest price possible. This means you have the chance to search for granite fabricators Denver for the best possible fabricator for you and your project.

Believe it or not, there is a difference between each fabricator. Some only do basic cuts and installations for a minimal fee. Some will do specialty cuts, edging, special finishes or different sink mounts. Some cost more, others less. That is why it is increasingly important to know the difference, and to know how to find the right one for your project.

But first, let’s go through how to find fabricators in the first place.

granite fabricators Denver

How to find granite fabricators Denver:

There are surprisingly a few different ways that you can find granite fabricators Denver. The first one would be a simple google search. Sites like Yelp  or Google plus also come in handy to give you helpful reviews and information from real customers that you might not have found out otherwise. Plus, most people see the value in real feedback from people who have used a service. It helps us determine whether or not we want to put our trust in that business.

Another helpful way is to ask the salesman from whom you bought your granite. In most cases, the place you bought your granite will inform you upon purchase, about fabricators. They’ll either tell you about fabricators within their network, or guide you through getting the stone fabricated with their own in- house fabricator.

This means, that when it comes to choosing a fabricator, your two choices are either in-house fabricators, or independent fabricators. So what’s the difference?
granite fabricators Denver

In- house fabricators vs. independent fabricators:

This might be one of the more confusing parts of getting new granite countertops. Not everyone knows that there are different types of fabricators. But, knowing the difference could save you hundreds.

An in-house fabricators

You will get an in-house fabricator when you purchase your granite from a one-stop shop, such as some of the big-box stores. This means you are forced to choose from their options of edges, polishing, sink mounts, and of course, you have no choice in pricing.

Basically, you have to use their fabricator, and pay their prices with their options. If you want to choose something different they are likely to charge you a fee. Typically an in-house fabricator will either cost more, or will only do basic work.

Independent fabricators

When you purchase your granite wholesale, you will not only get the lowest prices on granite, you will also be able to find the lowest prices on fabrication.

Granite wholesalers and independent showrooms will often refer you to fabricators that they’ve worked with in the past. This means they know the type of work that each of the fabricators do. They also know the prices. They can find you a fabricator in the area of your home that will not only meet your budget, but will be able to provide you with whatever specialty cuts or edges you’re looking for.

At Granite Liquidators, the fabricators we refer to have often lowered their costs for customers, due to our referral program. This often results in even bigger savings.


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