There are other places to enjoy granite besides your kitchen and bath.

We all know that granite is frequently used, and even coveted in kitchens and bathrooms. But did you know that there are several other places it can be used, and they’re just as much something to be admired. Granite is one of the most durable countertops materials available. It is heat and scratch resistant, naturally beautiful, and will remain so for many years. This is why granite is so loved, and is exactly why it should be used in these other genius places around your home. Consider these granite ideas for your next home renovation project.

Granite Ideas Other Than Kitchen Or Bathroom Countertops:

You might not have seen granite used in other rooms before, but we’re sure that you’ll love these ideas.

Outdoor kitchen

There are an infinite number of ways to design your outdoor kitchen. You can tuck it away in a shed, behind a garage door, put it under a bar or gazebo, on your deck, or under a pergola. But what will be common about these designs is the material used for the countertops. Granite is one of the best countertop materials for outdoor kitchens because they can withstand the harsh weather year round.

Materials like concrete are porous and will stain fairly easily, especially after some time in the snow, or even after contact with greasy foods in the summer. Sure you can seal it, but you’ll have far better luck keeping granite stain free. You won’t have to re-grout like you would with tile or brick, and since it is such a dense material, it will last for decades.

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This might be one of the more obvious alternative places to put granite, but it’s certainly a beautiful one. Pantry’s don’t have to just be shelves you know. In fact, we’ve been admiring several pantry designs with plenty of counter space. Make yours one of them.


This one might sound odd, but believe it or not, surrounding your fireplace with granite is a great way to add some elegance to your living room. Really though, it can transform an outdated or poorly decorated fireplace into a modern one, or even one with a classic or Victorian look.


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Using the same granite for your backsplash as you do for your countertops is becoming increasingly popular, and homeowners are really seeing the benefits. Granite backsplashes add consistency to your kitchen, and can be done really beautifully. It is also a surface that is easier to clean and don’t require re-grouting.

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Laundry room

Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t thought of putting granite countertops in your laundry room… what’s highly valued in a laundry room? The counterspace. Granite will stand up to the constant scraping of laundry baskets and belts over the surface. It makes cleaning up detergent spills easy and with far less risk of staining. And, it will always look beautiful.

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Coffee tables

Here’s another one you didn’t think of, the coffee, or patio side tables. Again, they’d withstand the scratches of the coffee mugs, plates, knick-knacks and feet. Resistant stains from mustard and ice cream, and stand strong in the winter storms. They won’t blow around in the wind either, so you won’t have to worry about re-positioning furniture after a storm. Not only that, but this is simple enough to do as a DIY project using remnants from your kitchen renovation.

Bath lining

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Now this is one spectacular way to add elegance and luxury to your bath/ bathroom. Is there really much more that needs to be said about that?

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