Millionaire’s Row

Located in the heart of the city, Capitol Hill is surrounded by the Colorado State Capitol, Civic Center Park, Denver’s Central Business District, and the historical residential street – Millionaire’s Row. Millionaire’s Row was once the home of many of Denver’s elite in the mid 1800’s. When the wealthy banker Charles Kountze and railroad financier moved onto Millionaire Row, many of their friends and neighbors followed filling the street. During this time, granite in Denver could be found in countless homes. This now historic street was adorned with beautiful mansions that many passers by ogled at. This all came to a screeching halt when the Silver Crash of 1893 put the city and its wealthiest citizens into economic hardship. The residents of Millionaires Row were forced to leave their mansions and seek out more affordable housing. With that, the area was left abandoned and some of Denver’s not so savory began to squat in these homes and vandalized the area.  

One of the most well -known residents of Millionaire’s Row which survived the economic hardships after acquiring wealth from gold mines was Molly Brown. She became quite a member of the community joining many charities and groups. Her home became talk of the town after she began hosting events. Guests were overwhelmed with the fancy interior and furnishings that Molly’s house had. Molly Brown’s mansion did have granite floors and granite countertops in Denver along with granite in its exterior construction.

Around the 1960’s Millionaire’s Row began to go through a gentrification process. As Denver’s economy recovered, newly affluent businessmen and women moved back into the area. This new culture of residents was modern for their time and desired something more than the traditional foursquare architecture and design of the past. Some of the old mansions were torn down and replaced with completely new houses, while others were gutted and remodeled. Millionaire’s row was slowly transformed into a contemporary neighborhood with new architecture, granite floors and countertops in Denver, and a vintage flair.  

Granite In Denver. Classy, Yet Historical.

Since then, Millionaire’s Row has undergone many changes and updates but the history remains. Homeowners and designers have strived to keep a lot of the historic character from the past while keeping up with modern times. Using granite floors and granite countertops in Denver has been one way to meld the two time periods together. Despite the renewal, much of the original construction and architecture stands and dates to the 1920’s. During this time granite countertops and granite floors in Denver were not as prominent. Granite was commonly used in the actual construction of homes and buildings on the exterior.

Many of the current homes that are on Millionaire’s Row remained single family homes, but some were transformed into boarding houses and apartments. All the new and old architecture have evidence of Italiante flair which uses granite floors and granite countertops in Denver. The young hipsters that flock to this area today favor these design styles because of the elegance and luxury they exude.

The use of granite in Denver, whether it be flooring, countertops, or more, is not only seen in a historic fashion in the mansions of Millionaires Row, but in many of the surrounding gathering spots. Several of the communities adored restaurants, concert venues, stores, bars, and businesses have granite floors and granite countertops in Denver. For instance, the Ogden Theater, the Fillmore Theater, and many of the popular high -end taverns all display granite floors and granite countertops in Denver.

The city of Denver and Millionaires Row has remained robust through economic changes, hardship, and prosperity. We can only hope that the current residents of the area, and future residents will continue to preserve the history of the area. Maintaining the all the restoration that has been done including the flooring and countertops as granite in Denver will ensure that this piece of history will live on for generations to come. If you feel that granite in Denver is a historic tradition that you would like to participate in, feel free to reach out! We here at Granite Liquidators offer wholesale pricing to the public! We would love to talk to you about how we can help improve your home’s value.