Thousands of people visit Estes Park, Colorado every year. At the base of Rocky Mountain National Park- this town has a lot to offer. Visitors can hike trails, fish, hunt, snowshoe, and much more. When the famed F.O. Stanley (Owner and creator of the Stanley Steamer) visited Estes Park in 1903, the town was forever changed. He and his wife moved from the East coast to find clean mountain air to aid in F.O. Stanley’s recovery from consumption. They settled in Estes Park, and within a short time he regained his health. After falling in love with the town, he wanted to give back to the town and decided to build a hotel that mimicked the luxuries from the East Coast that he loved and missed. He and his wife purchased 160 acres of land in the city and began planning the building of the now famed Stanley Hotel. This was the beginning of the construction of what is known today as the Main Hall. The hotel has influenced much of Colorado, including the styles of granite in Denver

East Coast Style

The Stanley Hotel is registered as a historical building. Its Colonial Revival architecture captured the style of New England that Stanley had become accustomed to. Reflected now by the granite in Denver, the Stanley Hotel features granite floors and granite countertops, as well as granite accents throughout.  

Today the campus of the Stanley Hotel has 11 buildings total. The same architecture and interior design can be seen in each one. The main building was laid out to entertain and accommodate wealthy guests that had traveled thousands of miles for the experience in the 1900’s. The main building has a music room in which guests would enjoy musical accompaniment while lounging with others. This room not only featured granite floors and granite countertops, but regal lighting and draperies as well. Adjoining the music room, was the smoking lounge and billiard room which also had areas of granite floors and granite countertops, and a large granite fireplace as its main focal point. The main building also had large French doors that opened to a large veranda offering stunning views of the surrounding park. The veranda was decorated with granite walls and pillars that highlighted the granite floors and granite countertops in the interior.  

To the east of the main building, the Concert Hall stood which was designed by Henry “Lord Cornwallis” Rogers, who also planned his summer cottage. The interior of the concert hall mimicked the same design elements of the main building by using granite floors and granite countertops in Denver along with other concert décor.  

Located between the main hall and the concert hall, Stanley positioned what was known as The Lodge. Stanley soon found out that the hotel was visited by travelers all year long and required additional accommodations. Although he wanted The Lodge to be a “special” building that was more secluded from the main hotel, he wanted it to have the same expensive interior and swagger. This was unlike any other lodge in Estes Park as it had granite floors and granite countertops in Denver, and other accents to create a comfortable and upscale environment.  

Today, visitors to the Stanley Hotel can enjoy a more modern version of the hotel by staying at the Aspire Residences located behind the previously built 11 buildings. These condominiums are available for short term or long term stay and are quite different from the historic hotel. The interior designers spared no expense decorating these units with granite floors and granite countertops in Denver. Every modern comfort is available to the guests of the Residences at the Stanley Hotel.   With a stellar reputation, these residences along with the original Stanley Hotel, provide guests with amazing accommodations during their travels. Whether you are looking for a historic setting or a modern luxury the Stanley Hotel has an amazing room waiting for you. If you are interested in purchasing granite in Denver to mimic the style of the east coast designs that F.O. Stanley introduced, get in touch! We would be happy to help you in your endeavors!