In this blog, we will be looking at granite in depth. Specifically some dark granite slabs. Granite is a very important component to any kitchen or bathroom renovation. There are many different stones to choose from, which can make the whole process overwhelming especially if you aren’t familiar with the process. When you step into any granite wholesaler or retailer, you will see a wide array of dark slabs, light slabs, granite, marble, quartzite, and sometimes more. Therefore, we are going to break down some of the stones we offer here at Granite Liquidators and talk about the benefits and the cons to the darks, lights, and our other types of stones we stock. Hopefully throughout these guides you will be able to determine the type of stone that is best for you and the process of picking granite is made easier. Let’s get into it!

Butterfly Green

Butterfly Green_CAJU#1

This stone is one of our more affordable stones starting at $599. Butterfly green is a dark deep green granite with hints of white, crème, and grey throughout the entire stone. With this stone, you get hints and chunks of lighter colors contrasting the dark background. When it comes to pairing this stone, it will go with just about any design because of the plain, easy to pair color that makes it so versatile. This granite would look great accented with lighter white cabinets and hints of silver throughout the kitchen or bathroom. There are endless options with Butterfly Green.

Brazilian Black


Following suit of butterfly green, this stone is among the more affordable starting at $999. If the green color of Butterfly green wasn’t for you, this stone may be a winner. This stone has a jet black appearance and with a closer look, you will see light speckles of whites and greys. This stone is perfect to pair with any design, especially ones where you have pops of color and want to accent it. Brazilian Black would look great with a lighter grey cabinets or with unique colors as a plain pallet of color.

Black Taurus

BLACK TAURUS-03CM-96-279193

This stone is by far one of our most favorites. Black Taurus is so luxurious and exquisite you can’t help but just stare at it. This is a black stone with rivers of orange and gold that run across the entire stone. Starting at $2,499, this stone would be the perfect addition to a high class home that needs a one of a kind style and look. Trust us when we say- you must see this stone in person!

Black Storm

Black Storm

Black Storm is perfect for anyone looking for a unique sense of pattern and movement, but without the crazy colorations that some stones can have. This stone mainly has blacks, greys, and whites that move across the slab in a swirling motion. Perfect for a kitchen that is purely black and white or even as an accent piece with colors.

Bianco Tropical


If you are wanting a nice medium between dark and light, this stone is a good option. This stone has a light grey and white background with black speckles that are tightly knit across the slab. This stone starts at $599, which makes it very affordable for the style you can get with it. Every stone is different and with this stone, every slab you will notice something new such as a darker coloration in one spot and lighter spots in another. It is very versatile and adaptive to any home.

Absolute Black

absolute black granite countertop

Simple and dark. Those are the two words we use to describe this stone. If you are going for a very simple and chic look, Absolute Black at $999 is the stone for you. This stone is also duel finished, which means one side is glossy and one side is honed or matte. This means you can customize it in a sense to match your style perfectly.

Now, these dark granite slabs are a select few of the stone we carry that are among the darker shades. If you are looking for a specific shade that we didn’t describe here, come see us because we are confident we will find what you’re looking for. Among these, we have many others that may call to you the second you lay your eyes on them!