In this blog, we will be looking at granite in depth. Whether you are looking for a light or dark slab, with all the different types of stones, location of imports, and characteristics- you are sure to find one stone that matches your design wants and needs perfectly. Deciding whether light or dark works best for your home can be tricky. Especially when matching it to existing cabinets and decorations. Check out Part One of this blog series, “Granite in Depth – Dark Slabs” to read into some of our darker, more mysterious options. As for the light options we carry, keep reading!

Alaska Blue

white granite countertops

Alaska Blue, coming in at $1,599 is a pure masterpiece of simplicity and style. Some granite slabs can be overwhelming and too busy with patterns and movement, which can often be a turn away for some but an attention getter for others. It all depends on the person and the style. Alaska Blue is a white and grey stone with splatters of brown and very light hints of blue across the slab. This stone would pair perfectly with dark cabinets and a house with lots of natural light.

Aurelius White

The best way to describe the way this stone appears, is in a snow storm. This stone of pure white has swipes of black and grey throughout, which makes it unique and eye catching. Starting at $1,799, this stone is among the most popular stones with designers because of its variety and versatility. This stone would look great in a kitchen of all white or in a kitchen of all dark. It can really adapt to any home’s look.



This stone gives a very natural look with earth tones of light greys, whites, and tans. The layering of patterns in this stone look almost earth like with the natural movement that it portrays. Because of the variety in color, you can pair this granite with just about any color combination or style because it will blend right in with any of the colors accented with it. Azarro starts at $1,199.

Bordeaux River

Bordeaux River

This stone is so intricate that it almost appears looking crystalized when its actually not. The main colors are light tan which makes it easy to pair with existing or new décor. The swipes of a rusty orange color makes it a perfect match for any kitchen or bathroom that is full of natural and earth tone colors.



No stone has held so true to its name until now. This stone looks just like a cappuccino with hints of vanilla, carmel, and cinnamon colors that make it so unique. Each slab’s patterns of movement are different from the last, which makes them design worthy. Add this granite in your home to accent your dark cabinets and light up a room.

Golden Thunder


If you are looking for a stone that could work in a light or dark setting, this is the one. All throughout this entire slab there are rivers of black, brown, yellow, gold, and greys. This stone is made so one of a kind because of its yellow tinted color among the others. Pair this stone with your darker kitchen cabinets to give a sense of contrast to your kitchen or bathroom. When exposed to natural lighting, this stone is also incredible as it glistens from the small hints of crystallization, as well as the vibrant colors.


Some people like the look and feel of a busy stone, but without the crazy colors. This is why we stock Lennon as an option. This stone is very detailed with strides of natural colors that are very close together, creating an eye-catching look. With natural browns and light cremes, this stone would be a great accent piece starting at $1,499.

These are a select few of our lighter colored granite slabs. Among these, there are marbles and quartzite that are also light and would compliment a dark cabinet design very well. The key to shopping for granite is contrasting the color of your cabinets and other décor with your granite, whether that be light or dark. By doing this, you will give your room the perfect balance of design that appears professional and thought through.