Granite Lighting Trends

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Granite Lighting Trends   Granite Lighting Trends

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Granite Lighting Trends

Granite Lighting Trends   Granite Lighting Trends

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Some décor ideas are so simple yet make drastic changes to your home. This is the case when it comes to lighting. By lightening or darkening a room the whole ambiance can change in a second. In this blog we will go over some of the top granite lighting trends for your home.

Lights not only “bring light” into a room but highlight walls and surfaces as well. When you have made the investment in a granite countertop it often becomes the focal point of any bathroom or kitchen. Using some of this year’s lighting trends can help take your granite countertop to the next level.

As you probably know by now granite countertops come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is likely that the base color and highlighted tones are what attracted you to your granite countertop in the first place. Therefore, making these colorful and moving characteristics of your granite countertop really pop will really make it stand out.

Granite Lighting Trends for Your Home

Here are some of the current trends in lighting that are meant to do just that!

Clear Pendants

Making any wall or surface the focal point of any room means that you want to surround it with décor that is more muted and less busy. This is also the case for granite countertops.

Clear pendants add localized light to your granite countertop without adding any additional color or texture. This will draw the eye directly to your granite countertop because it will be the only object holding color or pattern.

Geometric Chandeliers

These are similar to the clear pendant light but add a bit more whimsy. If you like pendant lights but are looking for something a little different for the bathroom this is your best bet!

These will give you a more refined look for the bathroom while still adding dimension to your granite countertop.

Fabric, Feather, or Wicker

Another way to add lighting that will make your granite countertop stand out is by using hanging lights covered in fabric, feathers, or wicker. Any of these options will contrast with the shiny smooth surface of your granite countertop.

Candle Chandeliers

If your kitchen or bath have a more romantic décor them candle chandeliers pair well with granite countertops.

Candle chandeliers will softly yet dramatically light your kitchen or bathroom which will mute the colors and patterns in your granite countertop while accent the darker veins and patches of color.

These are just a few of the trending ideas for lighting that you will see this year. Since lighting in any room is not only a necessity but the quickest way to set the mood take some time picking your overhead lighting. You will be glad you did!