In the heart of San Antonio, one block from the Alamo stands the historical Emily Morgan Hotel. It is a landmark of San Antonio and is recognized in the state of Texas in the National Register of Historic places using granite.

The thirteen-floor hotel stands majestic with its granite foundation and architectural designs. The hotel did not become the famed hotel using granite that it is today until 1984. The history of the building using granite is quite extensive and has lent it to be the third most haunted place in the world.

Hotel Front

The History of The Emily Morgan Hotel

So, who is Emily Morgan and why is she significant to Antonio?

Folklore tells the story that the history altering slow response of the Mexicans to the Texan charge of their army six weeks after the Battle at the Alamo was due all due to Emily Morgan. Apparently General Santa Ana (the General heading the Mexican army) was taking a long siesta with Emily Morgan and was late to rise. Although there is no actual historical account of this relationship, British travelers all similarly have journal entries accounting for the happenstance. This is why Texas eventually erected a hotel using granite in her honor.

To truly understand the historical significance of the Emily Morgan Hotel using it is important to take a brief overview of its history. The lobby of the hotel using granite was once a morgue and the top floor a crematorium. The cozy fireplace romantic fireplace that visitors see upon entering the hotel using granite held the pilot light for the crematorium. This coupled with the fact that the hotel using granite was once a medial arts building as well are where the fabled ghost stories come from.

Thousands and thousands of surgeries and medical procedures gone wrong in the former medical arts building using granite have left behind restless spirits that still haunt today.

Guests of the hotel using granite today report that the most activity takes place on the 12 and 14th floors. The basement of the hotel using granite is now roped off with no access because of haunted activity and guests and employees reporting an unmistakable stench.


Despite a couple multi-million dollar renovations that kept many of the granite features over the years, the haunted reports have not dwindled. One of the noted architectural features of the Emil Morgan Hotel are the granite gargoyles that peek from corners of the outside walls. Each of these gargoyles are said to each represent a medical ailment. A creepy reminder of the thousands of patients that walked the halls and passed away inside the building using granite.

If you have the chance to visit San Antonio, visit the Emily Morgan Hotel using granite. If you are not brave enough to sleep there at least visit the lobby!