How can granite tiles be used in interior design?

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How can granite tiles be used in interior design?   How can granite tiles be used in interior design?

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How can granite tiles be used in interior design?

How can granite tiles be used in interior design?   How can granite tiles be used in interior design?

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Granite slabs are widely used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are well-liked for their durability and stunning natural beauty. However, this same rock is also available in budget-friendly tiles that can be used throughout the home in a variety of projects. Keep reading to find out how and where others are using granite tiles to add variety and color to their homes.
How can granite tiles be used in interior design?

Aya Bradley

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It adds strength and hardness

Granite is a hard and compact rock. It’s very tough and durable, which makes it the ideal material for facades. It’s resistant to heat and cold, which is why it’s used a lot for exterior walls. It adds strength and hardness. Not a lot of people know this, but aside from exterior walls, granite is also a good material for interior design.

Here are three ways to use granite tiles in interior design:
For Your Countertops. Countertops are the most common use for granite other than exterior walls. They’re the perfect tiles for your countertops because they’re heat and water-resistant, as well as easy to clean. It’s definitely a must in your kitchen. They work well with traditional and contemporary interior designs.

For Your Floor. It’s not used as often, but you can use granite for your interior tiles. Your bathrooms, living rooms, and corridors are the perfect places to use granite tiles. These places could use some granite tiles because they can resist abrasion and it has low porosity. Make sure that you choose the right finish to ensure a non-slip floor.

For Your Stairs. You can use a granite tread on your stairs. They don’t only give a stronger finish to your stairs, but they also give a beautiful [visual] effect on the stairs as a whole. It can be finished to show a clean and polished surface.

When you get creative and think out of the box, you’ll be surprised by the many ways you can use granite tiles in your interior. They’re a gift to interior design. They’re strong and durable, so you know that they’ll last a long time.

Kitchen Countertops

Granites are mostly used in kitchen counters because of their durability, strength, elegance. Regardless of the quality of materials used in the kitchen, there is no doubt that granite plays an important role in improving the overall look of the kitchen.


Sure, matte floors look nice, but the glitz and charm that granite material adds to the floors have no match. One thing to keep in mind is that since granite is costly.

Accents Walls

Not many people have adopted this trend but placing neutral color granite tiles on accent walls gives an exquisite look to the living room.

Some other ways granite can be used in interior designing are in the backsplash, bathroom vanities, stairs, and side skirting.

How can granite tiles be used in interior design?

Atta Ur Rehman

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How can granite tiles be used in interior design?

Jennifer Burt

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Granite is a great stone to use in design

Besides counters and on the bathroom floors, granite tiles can be installed on a pre-loved dining table to create a unique island-like workspace and table that flows seamlessly from the eating area to the kitchen. This would be an easy DIY project to update a thrift store find or a fun update to a passed-down family piece.

Statement Wall

Choose a wall in your kitchen, living room, dining room, or bathroom to turn into a statement wall. This idea is similar to an accent wall, but instead of just painting the wall a different color, you mount granite on the wall.

Choose a single large sheet [of granite] or use tiles that will extend from the floor to the ceiling. The granite should have plenty of pattern and grain in the stone to have a natural design. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, so choose one that will evoke the right mood and emotion for the room.

Stair Treads

Granite is a great choice for your stairs because it’s incredibly durable and resistant to heat, bacteria, and water. This makes them easy to keep clean while also being visually stunning. You’ll also find the [granite tiles] are more affordable [than slabs], allowing you to elevate your home’s perceived value without breaking your bank.


You can give a home a modern feel by using granite around the fireplace. Mount it on the wall around the hearth and have it extend up the wall to the ceiling. You can then complete the look with another piece for the mantel. Or create a beautiful accent by using a piece of wood.

Countertop remnants can be used as bricks to create a variegated look on a budget. This is a creative way to embrace both rustic farmhouse and elegance in one design. Try using the tiles and remnants together for a balance of color and texture.

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